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We believe that changing the world
starts with connecting people.

R is about encouraging engagement that advances purposes. Not just engagement to drive membership, or engagement to drive revenue, or even engagement to drive a specific project. Rather, engagement that builds momentum that persists. Momentum that creates a movement that drives change on an on-going basis in every corner of the world, and for every good cause.

We believe that changing the world starts with connecting people in ways that will engage them in new and continuous ways. The essence of engagement features

Compelling Content

Delight users with a continuous stream of relevant content from your own sources and around the web. You can easily select content sources that best reflect your community interests.

Mobile-friendly is optimized for all devices, browsers and screen sizes. It provides an intuitive experience for users to engage with the community in the easiest way possible.

Intelligent Feed

Our Relevancy Engine feeds users content most suitable for them based on past behavior, increasing opportunities for engagement. Additionally, information from your AMC or CRM can be fed directly into to leverage even more user data.

Smooth Integrations

Information can flow easily between and the system of your choice. Our API allows you to integrate data, analyze personal user interests, and embed features onto other websites.

Customized Branding

Strong community branding is crucial for developing an identity and a sense of ownership. With, you can easily customize the colors, logos and features of each community.

Unlimited Communities

Why put a cap on the power of community? You will never be limited on the amount of communities, sub-communities or members you can create and manage.

We believe in the power of association.


e believe that by helping people advance their common goals we can make the world a better place. We were founded by experts in the association market who are committed to finding new ways to help associations advance their missions. The platform our company has developed is blazing new trails to allow organizations to engage with people in ways that they gain immediate value from, and keep coming back for more.

Associations have been a positive force for change in our world for generations. Digital innovations such as social networks, collaboration tools, mobile devices and readily available broadband connections are in our hands today. Yet, most associations are focused on “digitizing” an aging model that is focused on exclusive access for a small group of people, a.k.a. “members”. The problem with this model these days is that associations are not the only way folks can meet, collaborate, learn, and advance their causes. The beauty of the digital revolution is that it has brought incredible power into the hands of billions of people. We built our platform in order to blend the most powerful and collaborative forces with the trust, respect, and common purpose that associations have served.

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Unlimited Users
Unlimited Communities
Web Support
Use of APIs
Priority Email Support
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