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What do we mean by more?How will you get more?More of what exactly?

Every business, nonprofit, agency, and freelancer is looking to get more out of their email list.
We can help you get it. is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Small-Business Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 is a leader in Email Marketing on G2 dashboard


More engagement to your website.

Our users have seen an increase in visits to their own content when they share it alongside our selection of custom curated articles.


Nurture relationships more often (and more relevantly).

Our automation generates results because users can engage with a new level of frequency without having to spend more time, effort or money. dashboard

Some of the tech we play well with. dashboard


Personalize more by segmenting to the individual.

Start making connections with each person on your list with unique content per their individual interests.


Be more than another boring email.

You know how your social media feeds are curated specifically for you? Well, that’s what we do with email. dashboard

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The right info to the right people, automatically. Fantastic!”

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