AI—it’s everywhere these days. Since becoming a marketing buzzword, AI can easily be dismissed as hype or beyond the reach of your association.

But AI is not hype and it’s definitely not beyond your reach. In fact, AI is an affordable and accessible software tool that can help your association become a welcome part of your members’ lives on a regular basis. AI can help you fill the engagement gap that exists for your members between infrequent association events and activities. And it’s never been easier for your association to experiment with AI.

Understand why right now is the time for association AI

We’re now in the future we’ve all been waiting for—the good Jetsons future, not the Terminator version. Intel co-founder Gordon Moore saw it coming. Back in 1965, he said computer processing speed would double every 18 months. His prediction was so accurate it ended up being called Moore’s Law.

Here’s one example of the exponential growth Moore foresaw: an iPhone today possesses more computing power than the entire spacecraft for the 1969 Apollo moon mission.

According to inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil, Moore’s Law is a subset of the Law of Accelerating Returns. He said, “We won’t experience 100 years of progress in the 21st century—it will be more like 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate.”

An example of this law in action: right now, a single CPU has the computing power of a mouse brain. In 2030, a single CPU will have the computing power of one human brain. 50 years from now, it will have the power of all human brains. AI is riding on this same curve of accelerating returns.

What does this mean for your association? Because of these accelerating returns, you now have affordable access to increased computing power, more data, and powerful AI tools. And, the more you use AI, the more powerful it becomes because its algorithms keep learning. For example, take AI in autonomous cars. When one car encounters a scenario and learns from it, the algorithm changes so all cars benefit.

The same thing happens with the AI-powered tools available now to associations. AI learns from the behavioral data of all your members, customers, and constituents, and constantly refines the algorithms it uses.

AI-powered software can plug into the technology you already have, and it does not have to take a massive implementation. This blog series will explore three ways you can try out an AI tool and see the positive impact it has for your members and staff:

Help your association engage with website visitors

AI-powered chatbots are increasingly used by organizations in a wide range of industries. A website chatbot is a high-value application for associations, because it can intelligently and quickly answer questions and guide people through a process. Staff members no longer have to spend time providing basic information; instead they can work on more complex tasks and issues.

A medical society can use a chatbot to answer the questions of doctors visiting their website. The software looks at data to see a person’s prior interactions and other background information, for example, what content the person has read. It provides an answer based on this insight—the answer most relevant to that member.

Chatbots can answer questions in a contextually appropriate way and do so more quickly and thoroughly than humanly possible. They provide better answers. Like all AI, the machine learning continues, spotting more clues, patterns, and trends, and understanding how to handle more situations.

Learn more about engaging your members with artificial intelligence is engaging more of our associations’ members every day through the use of AI technology. Do you want to learn more about how we can engage your membership on a more meaningful level? Learn about our tools today.

This blog is the first part of a 3-blog series designed to teach associations about how artificial intelligence tools are accessible and effective for decreasing the association engagement gap. Click here to read Part II on how to experiment with AI to curate individualized email content and here to read Part III on using Artificial Intelligence to forge subscriber connections.

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