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Real estate is a people business. Engage with your former, present, and future clients using our AI-powered newsletter and automatically grow your relationships with your subscribers!


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Whether you have an email list of 100 or 100,000, each one of your hard earned subscribers gets a set of articles specifically chosen for them.

“Staying in touch can be challenging. This product makes it super easy! 

– Butch L. on

Successful real estate pros are doing these three things:

  • 1) Growing Relationships with Clients 91% 91%
  • 2) Staying Top of Mind 74% 74%
  • 3) Building Trust, Loyalty and Authority 86% 86%


Growing your relationships with clients through automation and hyper-personalization.


Staying top of mind by sending regular, relevant and non spammy email.


Building brand trust, loyalty and authority by providing personalized and high value content to each individual.

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With an average of 4.9 stars on G2, our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Not every email newsletter is created equal.

You can now send them something new in a way they’ll want to read as opposed to glancing at the phone and marking as deleted or spam. I view it as a content aggregation tool with a personalized twist, powered by AI. 

– G2 Reviewer

Massively above industry average click thrus for a newsletter that almost creates itself!

I love that I’m able to access a marketing platform that leverages AI & machine learning to customise a newsletter for the subscriber – personalised customisation is what helps people stick to something.

– Heather S. on G2

Just set it and forget it!

It was easy to set up and establish compelling content that my prospects enjoy. It takes no more than 15 minutes per week and the newsletter looks professional and well written.

– G2 Reviewer

Like many businesses, you’ve probably switched between multiple email newsletter tools. Or, maybe you’re the kind of person that sticks it out with the first one you tried, assuming they’re all the same.


They don't save your time.

You are still spending hours of your life putting together every single email you send. You’re doing all the work and that email tool has plateaued your progress.

They don't improve your emails.

You might be analyzing your open and click rates and even testing different techniques, but that email tool isn’t helping you to improve the quality of what you’re sending.

They don't truly personalize.

The tool can probably merge information like Name and Company into your emails but does that really make it personalized? Or does it just make it look like every other email?


Association software

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Web and API Hooks integrations - zapier and rasa


Link trackers and more!

“Bye-bye boring emails!”

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  4. You want to grow your business.

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Here are 3 reasons NOT TO TRY:

  1. You’re not interested in innovation or optimization. You like the status quo.
  2. You think AI automatically means evil robot.
  3. You have so much extra time and money to waste.

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