Smart Newsletter Enterprise Agreement

The offerings below all factor into pricing. Other factors considered are subscriber numbers, number of newsletters, and send frequency. List size is an influential factor in onboarding and pricing considerations,  as we are not only generating personalized, individual emails for each subscriber, but we are also storing and leveraging all of the data that comes along with each subscriber’s email engagement. Newsletter frequency is also a major factor in onboarding and ongoing maintenance, as more frequent sends require extensive support and system bandwidth.

Template Design

  • has a variety of pre-designed templates, which can be heavily modified. Included with all of these templates are:
    • The ability for the client to customize with header graphic, footer graphic and text, brand colors, article settings, and more.
    • Sectioning modifications i.e. webinars, jobs, etc.
    • Placement and desired quantity and sizes of promotional slots for banner and square images.
    • Placement and desired quantity of text/HTML modules.
  • also supports custom HTML templates
    • This allows further customization and specifications that are not available with the standardized templates.
    • will work with clients to develop their custom template or take the desired design and make it compatible with the platform.
    • Note that control over article placement, promotional images, etc. can be controlled through the dashboard UI with custom HTML templates.
    • Advanced customization options and pre-designed client templates could result in additional time in the onboarding process

Subscriber Integration Options

  • has several options for subscriber management – We highly recommend showing the options below to a technical team member prior to the beginning of any integration project in order to determine which subscriber management option is best suited for your organization’s data management and processes and determine the timeline for implementation.
    • Manual imports via CSV upload.
    • Auto-sync via FTPS/SFTP/FTP- this includes a set of credentials with a unique file path for your uploads in addition to one hour of complimentary time with a developer for troubleshooting/support.
    • Open API Integration- this includes an API key, documentation, and the option to meet with one of our developers for any questions and troubleshooting.
    • Native integrations/connectors to other platforms including:
      • ActiveCampaign, ConstantContact, HubSpot, MagnetMail, iMIS, Mailchimp, Salesforce, Zapier to connect natively to other platforms, and more.
      • These integrations are either one or two-way subscriber syncs.
      • Pricing for advanced integration support and/or advanced information sync is available at an hourly rate and upon request.

Source Recommendations, Discovery, and Iterations

  • believes clients have the most knowledge on of what sources produce content relevant to their subscribers, but will also provide (if requested) source recommendations for the initial setup of the newsletter.
  • will get all initial sources entered into the dashboard with appropriate inclusion and exclusion topical tags.
  • has extensive experience in automating the pull of content in the dashboard and in many content verticals.
  • Your dedicated CS contact will help you iterate and refine the content so that the most relevant articles pull into the content pool.
  • will help you determine the top / most important sources and designate them such that they populate within the newsletter with greater frequency and visual featuring.
  • will help you iterate and refine the content so that the most relevant articles pull into your content pool / are eligible for inclusion in a given newsletter.

Dashboard training

  • After the initial newsletter setup, the team will train the client so that they are comfortable with the content review process, adding and editing specific posts, adding and editing custom text and promotional images.
  • Ongoing training, new team member training, and platform updates are available for clients as well.

Promotion and Ad Inclusion Support

  • will support the client in understanding the process of how to manually add promotional content or integrate their ad server with the platform.
  • will train how to schedule promotions, ads or articles to be scheduled in advance so that client can set up for the newsletter ahead of time.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Clients have access to the following reports in which can be filtered and manipulated to show specific date ranges of dates the clients needs:
    • Opens & Clicks reporting – includes unique and total open and click rates as well as delivery data
    • Top Sources Report meaning the sources most engaged with send to send
    • Top Articles Report meaning the articles most engaged with send to send
    • Daily Statistics Report – this includes open and click activity by the hour as well as top-performing subject line data by day.
    • Top Topics ( AI Concepts) Report – This reflects the engagement of subscribers at the topical level. This report provides another layer of knowledge on your audience and provides useful information to act on.
    • Promotions Report – This reflects the performance of promotional content displayed in the form of banner and square graphics.
    • Weekly Report- will subscribe as many team members as you like to an auto push email report of weekly newsletter statistics.
    • Content Ready for Review push notification – an automated email pushed out to the team members of your choosing designating the beginning of your determined content review window.

*Custom reporting beyond what is outlined above will be considered on a one-off basis, depending upon how involved the generation of the reports are. Advanced reporting options are available at an hourly rate and pricing can be made available upon request.

Team Management

  • Once has initial newsletter administrators set up in the dashboard, clients will have access to add as many other administrators or regular team members as they need.
  • Clients will have access to granting certain access permissions to consecutive users i.e. administrator versus regular team member

Domain Authentication

  • will support the client in the domain authentication process which includes generating the CNAME records on the end and passing those along to the client’s web administrator.
  • can also recommend documentation resources for entering those records in the platforms of some of the more popular domain host providers.

Multiple Newsletters Option

  • Clients have the ability to run multiple newsletters through the platform. Each newsletter has its own template design, content, contacts, etc.
  • Your CS contact will assist in the set-up of each of these newsletters, depending on your Enterprise plan agreement.

Additional Tools Included (with each newsletter)

  • Custom branded sign-up page.
  • Custom branded top articles page which dynamically reflects the aggregate top articles read by newsletter subscribers.
  • RSS feed which dynamically reflects the aggregate top articles read by newsletter subscribers.
  • Auto-post tool that allows users to publish top articles directly to their Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Chrome plug-in allowing editorial staff to automatically push a web page they are browsing into

Ongoing Support

  • is here to answer basic questions around ongoing newsletter maintenance that regard additional sources, filtering down certain sources, including promotional content, including important one-off stories/boosted posts, including text copy at the top of the newsletter, and about other basic functionality of the platform.
  • Customers also have full access to the help portal which includes extensive written and video information on operating the platform.
  • Quarterly newsletter strategic planning sessions available upon request

General Onboarding Timeline

  • Client signs contract and CS contact reaches out with an introduction, onboarding docs, and schedules a kick-off meeting: 1-2 days after the contract has been signed.
  • Kick-off meeting: within 2 weeks of introduction email.
  • On-boarding document completion: within 2 – 3 weeks of introduction email. Customer Success to set up in dashboard within 3 – 5 business days of onboarding document completion.
  • Dashboard walk-through and training: after onboarding documents are completed and the client is set up within the dashboard.

*Onboarding, kick-off meetings, and dashboard walk-through meetings should ideally be complete within 4-6 weeks of receiving a signed contract. All information submitted in onboarding docs can be edited and iterated as clients become familiar with the platform.

*Launch should be achievable within 60 days. After initial onboarding is complete, ongoing support will be provided as outlined in the various sections above.