rasa.io is a proud member of the Association Success family of brands. Association Success exists to help associations reach new heights in attaining their missions. rasa.io is committed to rethinking how associations can thrive as digital brands and take full advantage of Artificial Intelligence in all of its forms. Our first product focuses on automatic content curation and personalization. As we continue to grow and help associations, we aim to become “The AI company for associations” and provide a wide array of solutions that help our clients dramatically accelerate their missions.

Associations are trusted and objective parties in their professions and industries. Traditional models for membership, events, and publications are still very important in today’s world. At the same time, associations must evolve into true Digital Brands and take full advantage of the brand, trust, and knowledge they have. rasa.io will power a revolution in association business models that is now possible using cutting edge advances in Artificial Intelligence.

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