Core Purpose

The Core Purpose of an organization describes its “why” – the reason it exists. At a fundamental level, a Core Purpose must evoke a deeply and emotionally meaningful response across a broad swath of people far removed from the company. At our Core Purpose is:

To Better Inform the World

Core Values

Demand diversity in thought

We demand all of our team members seek out ideas beyond their own. Diverse ideas often come from diverse people and sources. We are creative and seek to turn over stones and solicit ideas from people who may not always be first to share them.

Simpler is better.

Find the simplest possible way to solve each problem. Unnecessary steps, features, or processes must be cut with extreme discipline.

Tell it like it is.

No matter what, say what you mean and mean what you say. Do this while practicing empathetic listening.

Learn by doing.

We are not afraid to start things with little information or insight, experiment, fail, iterate and try again. We strive to find the best way to solve hard problems with a bias towards action. We work hard to share our learning along the way so that we can get better as individuals and as a team.

Measure it.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Measure everything that you are shooting for and tell it like it is along the way.

Own it.

As a team and as individuals, we own our individual outcomes end to end. When we sign up for something, we get it done. As a team, there is no “they,” there is only “us” and “we,” and we all own our success together. We vigorously debate our goals once we set them; even if we don’t all agree, we all own them together.

Celebrate success.

Celebrating success means celebrating success and the steps that lead to the success. We embrace failures along the way and the need to start from a position of inexperience.