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What is a smart newsletter?

Personalized Emails

AI to personalize relevant, leading industry news for each subscriber.

Email Monetization

Advertising and monetization capabilities.

AI & Automation

AI to auto-curate and auto-send your newsletter.

Metrics & Reporting

Dashboard access with newsletter analytics and member insights.

Strategic Insights

Glean invaluable insights to inform your own content strategy.

Content Featuring

Highlight your organization's own content automatically.


Open API access to capture behavioral data.

Custom Branding

Present industry news branded by your organization.

The Newsletter, Reinvented.

Reach your subscribers on a regular basis, in a personalized way, and dramatically increase engagement.

Send a Smart Newsletter that is tailored to your subscribers' unique interests and personalities, without the time it takes to manually curate your emails.

rasa.io makes cutting edge AI available to everyone, allowing organizations of all sizes to interact with their subscribers regularly and be the number one resource their audience uses to stay on top of industry trends.

From Our Clients

AI + Your Data + Amazing Content = Increased Engagement

We use your data, along with our cutting edge Artificial Intelligence, to develop a real-time engagement profile on your subscribers. We use that information to send a uniquely personalized, smart email newsletter to each reader. Your own content is prominently featured along with relevant content from pre-determined, authoritative sources.

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