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 asae association newsletter partnership using artificial intelligence

What is a smart newsletter?

Personalized Email Content analyzes your data to create an email of top stories and articles personalized to each individual member based on your association's data.’s AI brain figures this out by looking at their interests, behavior, social influence, and more to craft an email for each person. learns user behavior and adjusts emails, content, and topics daily. We create emails that members will look forward to.

Artificial Intelligence

Each of your members is a unique individual with different interests. Why should they all see the same content? learns each member’s likes and interests and personalizes their email news content based upon those preferences.

Metrics & Reporting

Gain insights into what’s happening with your members and the topics they care about most. Learn about what news sources they visit and the articles they are reading.

Auto-Curation has pioneered an AI-driven approach to curating the best content on the web. We find the industry news that is relevant to each of your members and deliver it directly to their inboxes - with no additional staff effort - every day of the week.


Use any of our out-of-the-box integrations with leading technology providers or utilize our open API to build your own.

Use a Smart Newsletter to dramatically increase member engagement.

Associations are great at hosting conferences, publishing journals, and facilitating educational programs that deeply engage members, but these large-scale activities only engage members a few times a year. Between those events, associations don't have enough to engage members on a regular basis.

What if you could send an email that is tailored to your subscribers' unique interests and personalities? A capability like that would give association members a reason to stay in touch regularly. Until now, that type of member benefit would have required an army of people.

Use your newsbrief to deliver important news updates, blog posts, and event information, and feel confident your messages will be seen. makes cutting edge AI available to everyone, allowing associations of all sizes to interact with their members regularly and be the number one resource their members use to stay on top of industry trends.

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AI + Your Data + Amazing Content = Increased Engagement

You have a treasure trove of member data in your AMS, CRM, and LMS systems. pulls in that data and runs it through cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to develop a real-time engagement profile on your members. We then scour the web looking for high-quality content that is pertinent to your area of expertise and geared towards each specific member's interests. The result is a continually updated stream of content and conversation that is uniquely personalized to each member. Your own content is prominently featured along with relevant content from the rest of the web.