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Two Tech Companies Reaching New Heights with Their Newsletters [Customer Highlight]

We have customers in every field from health, sciences, medicine, law, engineering, therapy and wellness, design, HR and staffing, education, crypto, associations, and more. Today, we’re looking at two of our very distinguished users that live in the tech world....


5 Must-Have AI Email Marketing Tools

5 Must-Have AI Email Marketing Tools

At rasa.io, we love to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in email - it's kind of our thing - but we’re not the only ones to do it. As you already...

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How Much Does rasa.io Cost for Enterprise-Level Users? The 9 Factors That Influence Price

What’s in a Name? That Which We Call a Rasa…

Not enough people ask about the meaning behind our name, rasa.io, but it actually has some pretty interesting origins.  You may have heard the term before; maybe you learned about tabula rasa--the philosophical concept of a clean slate--in grade school history...

Think your email click data is straightforward? Think again.

Think your email click data is straightforward? Think again.

It seems simple: you put together an email campaign, send it out, and watch the click data pour in. You can count on the fact that the click data you are watching and analyzing (aggregate counts, percentages, WHO is clicking, heatmaps, etc.) is representative of a...

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