• Limited to 10,000 monthly messages
  • 10 content sources
  • 1 Native Integration
  • branding on footer
  • Email support



  • 10,000 monthly messages included
  • 25 content sources
  • 3 Native Integrations
  • Ability to remove branding on footer
  • Email + chat support



  • 50,000 monthly messages included
  • 50 content sources
  • 5 Native Integrations
  • Ability to remove branding on footer
  • Chat/email/phone/Zoom support


Need more than 1,000,000 messages per month?

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David Klein

Chief Content Officer, American Marketing Association

“We previously created each newsletter from scratch, which meant we could only release one per week.  Now we can offer subscribers new content Monday through Friday.”

Sabyasachi Mitra

Chief Executive Officer, Renew HR

“ platform makes it possible for us to send a great newsletter to our customers with only some initial setup work. We are a small HR Consulting startup, and this helped us to have our unique Newsletter without much difficulty.”

Ceci Ortiz de Spehar

Marketing Communications Manager, Mosaic Consulting Group

“The newsletter ensures our audience, including our internal team, stays in the know with relevant industry news, all branded under the Mosaic name. The newsletter highlights new in-house content as it is published ensuring our readers have quick access to our most relevant posts.”

Start sending better newsletters.