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This marketing agency has seen major success by adding a newsletter to their email marketing strategy.  They had never sent email newsletters before They’ve had surprising and continuous rise of user engagement from the very beginning. 

A nonprofit that supports startups uses their newsletter to keep their entrepreneurs educated. It’s an easy way to regularly keep in touch without the work of manually assembling a newsletter every week.

“Great product, easy to use, and increased our open rates! Customer support is amazing. Highly recommended!

– Sherry B. on
Sherry B.

“Bye-bye boring emails!”

Successful businesses are doing these three things:

  • 1) Growing Relationships with Customers 91% 91%
  • 2) Staying Top of Mind 74% 74%
  • 3) Building Trust, Loyalty and Authority 86% 86%


Growing relationships with customers through automation and mass personalization.


Staying top of mind when they’re not selling by sending regular, relevant and non spammy email.


Building brand trust, loyalty and authority by providing personalized and high value content to the individual.


They don't save you time.

You are still spending hours of your life putting together every single email you send. You’re doing all the work and that email tool has plateaued your progress.

They don't improve your emails.

You might be analyzing your open and click rates and even testing different techniques, but that email tool isn’t helping you to improve the quality of what you’re sending.

They don't truly personalize.

The tool can probably merge information like Name and Company into your emails but does that really make it personalized? Or does it just make it look like every other email?