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The revolutionary solution for engaging your subscribers.

My experience with rasa.io couldn't have been better.

After just a week or so of learning to use the website, (with support coming from rasa.io whenever I needed it, in a timely and friendly fashion), I could curate our content in less than an hour. All that I required were a few trusted websites putting out quality content, and rasa.io did the hard work of automatically picking relevant articles based on keywords I chose, (and could easily add to or remove based on the output I briefly reviewed before publication). – Doron K

Great solution for member engagement from a great company

rasa.io has provided a very positive experience. From set up to launch and also to redesign. They are continuing to enhance their product offerings and have created templates that are easy for us to identify which meets our business needs the best. – Angelica R.



Aggregate, Automate, and Curate

Using rasa.io’s AI automation tools, coupled with your own hand curation, you’re still in control while cutting down significantly on your organization’s time and efforts, freeing you and your team to address more pressing matters.

It’s automation with checks and balances!

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Aggregate content from your website and other external sources, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or RSS feeds. 

Automate it, set it, and forget it. You choose the frequency, the day, and the time your newsletter is delivered. Then kick back, relax, and let rasa.io do as much of the work as you want.

Curate content with the help of rasa.io by sifting through the vast world of online content and information, identifying topics useful to your audience, and sharing that content with them.



rasa.io offers users highly advanced personalization.

Every newsletter you send out with rasa.io is completely custom to each one of your subscribers. Readers will (finally) love everything you send them. Sure, you’re already segmenting your emails – but are you segmenting to a group of one?

With rasa.io, you’ll send a custom curation of articles for each individual on your list!

How is that even possible?

As soon as subscribers begin engaging with your newsletter, the rasa.io artificial intelligence (AI) system will learn what topics they are most interested in based on the articles they click on. Over time, each set of articles included in your email newsletter will become a better and more interesting selection of content based on the reader’s past interactions.

When you personalize content with rasa.io, your customers will open, read and share your content more often, setting you up for success as a leading authority in your industry.

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rasa.io helps you create and deploy a smart newsletter that embodies “next-level” personalization.


Content Featuring

Even though your newsletters are sent out in partnership with rasa.io’s AI assistant, you are always in complete control!

Let the AI do all the work OR you can choose to feature select articles in your newsletter that you want everyone to read (we recommend a combination of both).


Whether it’s a piece of content written in-house or pulled from an external source, content featuring ensures that all of your readers see the specific piece of content that you need them to see!

Featured content is perfect for sharing your own blog posts*, making important announcements, webinar and event invites, time-sensitive information – anything you want everyone to read.

*It’s the perfect way to increase traffic to your website.


Strategic Insights and Valuable Data

When you use rasa.io to deploy newsletters to your subscriber lists, you’ll be amazed as your opens and clicks begin to multiply in ways you’ve only dreamed about. Best of all, you’ll have the tools necessary to gain strategic insight and valuable data.

rasa.io dashboard - rasa email newsletter analytics opens rates click rates

Open and click data: Get unique newsletter open counts and article click counts for clear article-by-article data. 

Rates for AI-recommended content: Monitor our rasa AI assistant at work by viewing the percentage of opens or clicks per recommended article.

Valuable insights: With rasa.io, you can filter your most clicked on articles and content by the month, week, day, or any custom date range

Integrate rasa.io with your favorite analytics tools for maximum insights!

rasa.io supports a variety of native integrations so that you can get the most from your data and insight.

Obtain real data and insight about individuals on your lists.

With rasa.io’s insight and data tools, you will learn what current events or topics are most interesting to your audience, down to the granular level. With rasa.io, you can view specific information and data about individuals on your subscriber list.


Association software

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Web and API Hooks

rasa.io integrations - zapier and rasa


Link trackers and more!



With rasa.io, you can use the power of your newsletters for internal and external advertising, and you’ll have full control over all of your newsletter’s ad space.

The sky is the limit when it comes to using your rasa.io newsletter space for promotions.

Unlike other newsletter creation and distribution software tools, rasa.io allows users to choose vendors, price, location, and frequency of the ads that they would like to work with. All logistics are handled outside of the platform – you have full control.

Don’t want to sell ads? No problem. You don’t have to use your ad space at all.

Or, you can use it internally for any campaign promotion of your choosing, internal or external, allowing you to promote your own products/services, amplify partner ads, or monetize your newsletters for additional revenue streams.

Whether it’s a banner ad or a sponsored article – promotions can be images, text, or HTML-based.

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Manage Multiple Newsletters

rasa features an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for marketing agencies that oversee multiple email newsletter accounts for their clients or for companies that manage multiple newsletters for different audiences within their organization. All without ever having to leave the rasa platform.

Manage Multiple Newsletters<br />

Not only have we made it easy for organizations to engage their audience using highly-relevant targeted content, but we’ve also made it easy for marketers to help their clients send out highly relevant content to their customers.

Pull content from rasa.io’s comprehensive source library for various clients/newsletters 

Set roles & permissions for team members and seamlessly transition between accounts

Create separate branding, designs, and subscriber lists