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Are you tired of sending out email newsletters that fail to resonate with your audience? If so, you need Transform your newsletter into a captivating and engaging experience that your subscribers will actually read.

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Consistent and relevant content straight to my audience.

Creating consistent content for a newsletter can be a tall task for a small team (even a large team), which has stopped me from even starting a newsletter with previous companies; has simplified this process and has made it extremely bearable and effective for consistently engaging my audience with relevant information that is uniquely specific to each subscriber.

– Richard C. on G2 automates the process of regular newsletter creation

We would not have the ability to produce content at this production level and with this level of consistency without It has improved our workflows tremendously and enabled a small team to produce great results by leveraging back-end technology to simplify and fill gaps.

– Jon A. on G2

Simple to use. Easy to create newsletters. Great value for small businesses.

We’re a small company so we needed an easy way to develop a value-added newsletter; does that with flying colors. We used to spend many, many hours designing our newsletter. This has shortened that time considerably and made the newsletter more interesting and well-rounded.

– Sara L. on G2

Send a uniquely curated email to each person

The artificial intelligence takes personalization the next level.  With the help of machine learning, curates a one-of-a-kind newsletter for each individual based on their previous engagement with your newsletters.

Gain strategic insight into your readers

Stay one step ahead with insights from your AI Assistant. Get a comprehensive view of your content’s success with detailed analytics on your most popular content, trending topics, and other key metrics. 

Create, curate, and send your newsletter in hours minutes. seconds.

  • Personalized member experience.
  • Automate your email newsletter.
  • Save time curating content.
  • Easy-to-use AI.

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Create a newsletter in minutes, not hours

Say goodbye to manually creating a newsletter and curating content. Our easy-to-use tools and templates make creating an effective newsletter a breeze.

Power up your open rates with our dynamic subject lines

Personalization is key to a successful email marketing campaign. Boost your open rates with a dynamic subject line that adapts based on each reader’s interests making personalization easy.

Sabyasachi Mitra

“Our subscribers got increasingly personalized content as the AI tracked which links they clicked on, and the open rates were incredible. It would have been easy to make the newsletter weekly or even more frequent (with just the slick of a tab).”

– Doron K.
Director of Marketing at Microbiome Therapeutics

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