🐊 Pushing Send #39 4 Questions to Refocus Your Peer-to-Peer Referral Strategy | October 22, 2020

“Keep your emails short and sweet. A line or two. We really want people… to do more than just a copy/paste, spray-and-pray approach. Really try to tweak and customize to the person, to the event, the context.” —Grant Baldwin

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Keep it simple. We humans like to complicate things, especially over email. Fact for thought: Emails written at a 3rd-grade reading level get the highest response rate. Who are you? What do you want? Strive to answer in a few sentences. Hear writer Grant Baldwin’s tips for brief yet effective emails on our Pushing Send podcast.

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4 Questions to Refocus Your Peer-to-Peer Referral Strategy and Grow Membership

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Member-get-a-member campaigns, where you ask current members to help recruit their contacts, can be an effective way to leverage the power of peer-to-peer referrals. Nearly 70% of associations say that word-of-mouth referrals get their organizations the most new members. If you can intentionally engage your members to reach out to their peers, it can give a real boost to your membership rolls.

Discover Dozens of Marketing AI Use Cases and Personalized Vendor Recommendations

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

You use artificial intelligence dozens, if not hundreds, of times everyday. From choosing recommended shows on Netflix, to navigating trips in Google Maps, asking questions of Siri and Alexa, ordering products on Amazon, reading your Facebook Newsfeed, and unlocking the iPhone with facial recognition.

How to Deal with Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Mail Bakery

Creating email marketing campaigns can be an impactful way to reach potential and long-time customers, but one thing companies need to watch out for is email marketing mistakes. To err is to be human. We make mistakes. But with marketing emails, errors are experienced on a much grander scale, since there are typically hundreds, if not thousands who tap into your newsletters and updates.

Evergreen Content: A Guide To Content That Achieves Long-Term Results

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Evergreen content sounds great, but what is it?

If you’re involved in digital, worked with content marketing or had a hand in a social media campaign, you’ve probably come across the term ‘evergreen content’.

How to Create a Narrative to Captivate Your Audience (and Convert Sales)


In a profession like marketing, it’s your job to keep things fun, engaging, and interesting. It’s all about creating the new and great product, the flashy and irresistible sales pitch that makes people want to buy, and then converting more sales then you can count.

So then why does it feel like sales pitches can be so… mundane?

How to Promote Your Business on Facebook


I was only 12 years old when Facebook became available for anyone with a valid email address.

By the time I was 14, one of the top trends was to create a fan page that anyone could follow. I remember that feature being used by friends as a way to tell jokes and post funny content.

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