🐊 Pushing Send #38 Podcast Interview with Richard Lindner of DigitalMarketer | October 15, 2020

“Whether we’re talking to them in person, in the product or via email, we want to recognize real people. We want to spend the time to make them laugh or smile. When they do say ‘hi’ back, let’s respond to them. That’s the type of software I would want to use.” —Bill Macaitis

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Treat others as you’d like to be treated. We learned it in grade school. Turns out the Golden Rule is still… well, gold. Want marketing success in 2020? Treat people well. Also: Spend time getting to know them.

Bill Macaitis, former CMO of Slack and Zendesk, is a big fan of human-first marketing. He recently shared his insight with the Pushing Send podcast. Listen to what he had to say.

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[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 13 (Bonus!) with Richard Lindner

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