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Personalization made easy. Send a uniquely curated email to each member.

Whether you have an email list of 100 or 100,000, each one of your hard-earned subscribers gets a set of articles specifically chosen for them. Send a one-of-a-kind newsletter in minutes. 

Retain members and reduce churn

Engagement can mean the difference between renewal and churn. The ability to provide value can mean the difference between a referral or being forgotten. When your members look back over a year of belonging to your association, what will they think they’ve gained?

We solve the problem of sharing irrelevant information so you deliver only relevant information to each subscriber.

Dr. Michael Tatonetti
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Create better content with strategic insight of your readers. 

Stay one step ahead with insights! Get a comprehensive view of your content’s success with detailed analytics, including top-clicked articles, trending topics, and other important metrics to create relevant content for your audience.

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Julie Shoop

Chief Content Officer at ASAE

“So, I urge you if you’re considering doing your newsletter a little bit differently* that you consider rasa – we’ve been very happy working with them and it’s been a great experience.”

 *What does Julie mean by differently? “Our readers each receive a newsletter that highlights content that is particularly of interest to them using the A.I. technology.”

ChatGPT Integration with

Digital Transformation! Use AI To Generate Your Newsletter Copy

We have always harnessed the power of AI so that you can engage your subscribers effectively by sending them highly personalized content. With our new generative AI feature, you will have the power to infuse ChatGPT directly into your newsletter messaging.    

“ has their own artificial intelligence and algorithms that curate newsletters to individuals based on their interests. Its news you actually want to read, that knows what you are interested in. It has been a game-changer in the association marketing world.”

Michael Aaron L.
Association Professional

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