A phase change | May 28, 2020

Hi everyone,

Phases and stages. One to two, or yellow to green. Everything seems to be moving in phases these days, a reminder that measured progress is often the prerequisite to long-term success. The trading floor is open in New York—with masks and a waiver. The next phase of space flight includes social distancing.

Speaking of phases, how does your email newsletter suit you? Is it time to evolve? Grow? These 27 email newsletter tools could help. Many work well with rasa.io. Other stuff we like: The anatomy of an awesome newsletter (with guided steps). Using humor to write better emails. And emails with purple pop.

We learned last week that roughly half of you are aspiring space travelers. Let’s bring it back down to Earth. Will you be taking a summer trip this year? Scroll down to vote in our poll.

Also phasing in: Cicadas. Lots of them.

Until next week!

Here are 27 email newsletter tools every online marketer should check out now

Email newsletters remain a key part of an effective online marketing strategy in 2020. There are nearly 4 billion email users worldwide and that number continues to climb. Fortunately, there are a range of email newsletter tools available to help you tap into that growing audience. Which email newsletter tool is the best fit for your needs?

[Podcast] Pushing Send – Episode 4 with Lianna Patch
Lianna Patch

We don’t often associate copywriting with humor, but for today’s guest, Lianna Patch, this is a core tenet of her unique approach. As a sought-after conversion copywriter, Lianna blends humor with conversion optimization methods to write high-performing emails that increase sales and grow her clients’ businesses. We kick the show off by learning more about what prompted her foray into the world of humorous copywriting. 

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Newsletters most certainly are not new. In one form or another, they have been around for generations and have been used by companies, governments, artists, writers and just regular individuals who want to share their points of view.


We know that being a resource to our community is important, but how can you best leverage your email newsletter to rise above the “noise”, make it into our subscribers’ inbox, and ensure a favorable experience by those who receive the message – all while maximizing value to your organization? Treat our newsletter campaign as a service rather than a broadcast.

8 Professional & Fun Coronavirus Email Marketing Tips You Should Be Using

Everyone is sending emails about COVID-19, your supermarket, shopping site, and even brands you bought from years ago. Now more than ever, people need to be informed about what your company has to offer them during this time.

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You’ve heard about web traffic, but have you ever heard of email traffic? While there’s no one specific metric to tell you how much email traffic you’re receiving (there are actually several), one way to measure your email traffic is by measuring the effectiveness of your email list.

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