Testimonial Videos

Real-life rasa.io users are utilizing the platform to increase engagement and growth. Watch a video to hear it directly from them.

Morning Scone ESPN Radio

Radio host Matt Moscona spends hours every day scouring the internet for the latest in sports and to bring his loyal followers a completely customized newsletter every morning.

Idea Village

A nonprofit that supports startups and the people that power them. They use their newsletter to keep their entrepreneurs educated and as an easy way to regularly keep in touch without the work of manually assembling a newsletter every week.

Agency Pure

Agency Pure, a marketing agency that had never sent email newsletters before implementing rasa.io, talks about the surprising and continuous rise of user engagement from the very beginning. 

Fidelity Bank

A local bank that that cares about its community. They use their smart newsletter to help educate local female entrepreneurs in order to support the growth of their businesses.


Align helps manage the higher level strategic goals of organizations. The recipients of their newsletter are eager to receive high quality content. With rasa.io, they can provide it for them in a smart and easy way.

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