American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International: How Helped Personalize The Security Industry’s Leading Newsletter Publications


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The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International is the world’s leading association for security management professionals. Headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, ASIS International was formed in 1955 in response to American cold war security concerns. By 1959, the first international chapter of ASIS was established in Europe. Since then, the association has grown into a global powerhouse representing a diverse, broad coalition of members through 252 chapters in 87 countries.

In addition to providing security professionals worldwide with certifications, standards, and guidelines, ASIS International holds annual industry events and publishes the award-winning Security Management Magazine.

ASIS International partnered with to help manage the two email newsletters distributed to its membership, Security Management Daily and Security Management Weekly.

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ASIS has saved time, money, and effort using’s AI technology.

Although ASIS has been providing its members with a daily and weekly newsletter for years, the organization partnered with to augment its editorial staff’s hard work to save time, effort, and money. Using’s AI technology to streamline newsletter creation, distribution, and subscriber targeting, ASIS was able to do that and more.

ASIS was looking for a newsletter platform to help them collect behavioral data and better understand their membership’s individual interests. ASIS wanted to provide subscribers with more personalized content and enhance the member experience with all aspects of the organization using this critical data.

As a result of their partnership with, ASIS International saw improved member engagement, increased advertiser satisfaction, and a positive response from their in-house editorial staff.

rasaio_casestudies_asis_pic helped ASIS hyper-personalize its daily newsletter.

The ASIS newsletter, Security Management Daily, is a member benefit sent to every organization member. With, ASIS International has transformed that daily benefit into a hyper-personalized, smart newsletter that can cater to each subscriber’s unique interests.

The ASIS International membership base is diverse and comes from different areas worldwide with varying security concerns. Thanks to, ASIS International can dive deeper into those differentiations allowing users in particular regions to better engage with their content, ASIS International staff, and other organization members.

ASIS International used to replicate the existing functionality of its daily and weekly newsletter but enhance the delivery and individualize the content. The organization also used’s AI integration to gather data and personal information about recipients to understand its audience better, allowing the association to further in-house the development of in-house content, products, and services. dashboard - rasa email newsletter design

Better Engage. Personalize With AI. Empower Your Newsletter!

Save time curating so you can spend your efforts on the “bajillion” other things you need to do.

“If you market to users based solely on demographics, chances are those users don’t have the same habits,” explained Adam Savino, Vice President of Technology & Organizational Effectiveness at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International. “So we are trying to take the behavioral lessons using behavioral data and overlaying it with other data sources to understand our membership better.”

Since partnering with, ASIS International reports that user engagement has increased worldwide, and Savino says that the platform’s AI technology has much to do with that. Best of all, he notes, it saves staff members valuable time.

“ASIS doesn’t need to dump a bunch of data into to get personalization for its members,” he explained, “that happens naturally through the AI system.”

By personalizing its newsletters using, ASIS made them more desirable to advertisers and sponsors.

“We could see that as personalization increased, the trends started to nudge up, and there was a correlation,” Savino said.

The metrics provided by have proven beneficial for selling advertising!

“Over time, we saw that the metrics and engagement with the newsletter matched where we saw engagement in other sectors. So, that gave us confidence that the numbers we saw were right,” he continued.

It also gave advertisers the confidence they needed.


Boost in Year-Over-Year Email Ad Revenue

The ability to provide sponsors with a space where sponsored content appears organically alongside hand-curated and in-house content has enhanced ASIS International’s relationships with its existing and potential sponsors and advertisers.

The ASIS International editorial staff and, the perfect match.

ASIS International doesn’t just use curated content to fill the space in its newsletter. Editors and staff sometimes gather website content from the content the platform has curated.

Leveraging AI technology within ASIS International with the ASIS International editorial staff’s workflow has allowed staff members to discover content they would otherwise be unaware of that they can now use in other areas of the organization.

“ acts for our editors as a decision support system. It’s not that it’s replacing what they are doing. It’s not that it’s taking away their need to go and interact with the content”, Savino explained. “It’s making not only the product better for our members but also helping them find new content, find new article ideas, and find new pieces that could benefit our members.”

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