Celebrating Excellence: ASAE and rasa.io Wins The 2024 Gold Trendy Award

In the heart of the association industry’s most anticipated gathering, rasa.io and ASAE shine brightly, capturing the highly coveted Gold Trendy Award for Best Daily Communication at the recent Salute to Association Excellence 2024 conference. This prestigious accolade, a symbol of excellence in our field, is a testament not only to rasa.io’s innovative spirit but also to its unwavering commitment to elevating the standards of association communications.

As Erica Salm Rench, rasa.io’s Chief Operating Officer, noted, “This achievement is a significant milestone but also a stepping stone. It serves as both an accolade and a challenge—a call to continue our innovation journey, break barriers, and set trends. It reminds us that our work is not just about winning awards; it’s about making a tangible difference in the lives of our members and the communities we serve.”

“This achievement is a significant milestone but also a stepping stone. It serves as both an accolade and a challenge—a call to continue our innovation journey, break barriers, and set trends.”

– Erica Salm Rench, Chief Operating Officer of rasa.io

What is the Salute To Association Excellence?

The Salute to Association Excellence conference, organized by Association TRENDS & CEO Update, has been the cornerstone of recognition for outstanding achievements within the association sector for over four decades. Celebrating professionals’ remarkable dedication and ingenuity across the board, the conference is a beacon of excellence, drawing in more than 500 attendees last year alone.

The Gold Trendy Award reflects our collective efforts to innovate and excel. It symbolizes our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding our community’s expectations. By leveraging rasa.io’s AI-driven content curation, ASAE created a communication strategy that informs and inspires our audience, setting a new benchmark for what’s possible in association communications.

Celebrating Successes

So, here’s to setting trends, breaking barriers, and achieving excellence. Let’s continue to dream big, aim high, and inspire change. Congratulations to ASAE, rasa.io, and all those who contributed to this remarkable achievement. Together, we’re not just marking milestones; we’re making history.

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