A Newsletter Success Story: How AI-Powered Emails Provided a Big Boost in Traffic

Aug 27, 2019

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The rasa.io Align Case Study

The latest rasa.io case study features Align, and we are excited to present their results. Align is a SaaS company whose growth management app supports developing, tracking and measuring an organization’s business goals. Align wanted to distribute their original content in an easy and engaging way. The rasa.io AI brought complimentary articles into their weekly newsletter to provide their readers with not just their own high-quality content, but a multitude of other helpful resources, as well.

Engagement with Automation

Since implementing their new Smart Newsletter, Align has seen increases in brand awareness, website traffic, and webinar sign-ups. This boost of engagement typically requires significantly more effort. But using rasa.io automation makes that extra work a thing of the past.


"We incorporated the newsletter into our lead nurture cycle and win-back campaigns, and have had success with conversions from this channel. The rasa.io platform is easy to use. We were able to leverage their automation tools in order to get our newsletter up and running without spending countless hours implementing new processes."

– Doug Walner

CEO of Align


"Our Smart Newsletter has given us a great distribution channel for our blog and promotional content, and the engagement rates are higher than when we send our content as a standalone email. The result has been an increase in traffic for blog content and webinar registrations."

Renee Bigelow

VP of Marketing at Align

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