Get More Valuable Leads for Any Business: The Secrets You Need to Know


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Get More Valuable Leads for Any Business: The Secrets You Need to Know

Today, all businesses are chasing leads, creating an exceptional amount of competition for ad space on the internet. So how do you come out on top?

How to Set Up a Lead Generation Ad

You see them everywhere on the internet: ads at the top of various websites asking you to engage with some business, usually in a banner of some kind.

These ads are known by Google as “pay-per-click” ads. These companies have paid the website that they’re advertising on to be the first thing you see when you load the page.

It’s easy to get in on this, if you have the budget to pay for the ad placement. Think of these as digital newspaper ads. The better the spot, the more expensive it is.

While these ads can be pricey, they tend to be worth it just due to the fact that your ad is being displayed so prominently on a popular website.

Here are some sites that offer PPC advertising:


If you don’t have the time or resources to organically appear at the top of search results through search engine optimization, Google offers a PPC advertisement service.

The price of this varies on the range you select, and how long you keep the advertisement up. These ads are super effective for driving traffic to your website.

Google’s PPC advertising program is second-to-none when it comes to versatility. Unlike other advertising platforms, Google can essentially be used for every kind of business, from phone case ecommerce companies to financial services firms to antique furniture stores.

Google has ad formats for every business. You can bid to be placed as the top result in a search query (great for B2B companies), you can have your product featured in their shopping tab (great for ecommerce companies), or you can promote your physical location in their map widget (great for local companies).

Facebook and Instagram

These two highly popular social media platforms offer the same advertising service to business accounts. Here, you can pay to have your advertisements show up in people’s social media feeds.

If you browse either of these platforms right now, there’s a good chance that you’ll see some kind of sponsored content on your feed. You can use this powerful form of advertising for your business as well.

What’s unique about these ads is that they allow you to calibrate who you wish to see them. Facebook allows you to select a distance radius to control the reach of your ads for more local businesses.

Additionally, you can target specific age groups and genders for your ads. You can get very specific about who sees your ad on Facebook and Instagram.

This makes Facebook and Instagram ads extremely powerful for e-commerce companies and hospitality companies. Given that most of these companies understand their demographic and know that a certain type of person tends to buy their product or stay at their hotel, it makes sense to advertise on a platform that gives you control over what kind of person sees the ad.

This is particularly true on Instagram, where visuals are everything and ad recall is 2.8x higher than it is on any other social media network.


Similar to Facebook and Instagram, you can advertise your organization on Twitter as well. Your sponsored post will appear in the feeds of potential customers.

Pay-Per-Click advertisement is a very quick and effective way for you to promote your business online. While they can be pricey, they represent a huge pool of potential leads just waiting to be gathered.

Twitter PPC ads are great for companies that, by the nature of their product or service, offer an immediate benefit. Because twitter is largely text-based and fast-paced, an advertisement for a B2B contractual service with a large fee is not ideal – instead, businesses that offer food delivery, a game, or some form of entertainment see the largest benefits.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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