Introducing: Our BRAND NEW app in the HubSpot Marketplace!

Mar 24, 2022


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One-size-fits-all emails are out. Your email subscribers crave (and deserve) personalized content. Leverage the tech-forward personalization power of in tandem with HubSpot and your current marketing strategy.

Build email newsletters with any combination of your own content (blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.) and curated articles and content from around the internet – designated by you.

The AI engine curates a set of articles in each newsletter for every subscriber. All engagement data will be available to you within HubSpot, enabling you to score your leads and segment your audience for further analysis and action.

Here we are featured in the “New apps” section of the homepage.

Check out the new rich data integrations available between and HubSpot.

Leverage data from both tools by advanced features integration.

Get more from your email list.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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