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Marketing a real estate business and establishing it as a trustworthy brand can be a real challenge for real estate agents.
In this case, being knowledgeable is not enough. You need to think outside the box and learn new marketing strategies to showcase yourself as a brand. How? Well, let’s find out.

Tips for Real Estate Agents to Market Their Brand

Emotions are the real catalyst behind the buying decision of consumers. According to a professor at Harvard, emotions drive 95 percent of purchase decisions by consumers. It means you have to give your clients a reason to buy your services.

  • Purchases driven by emotions 95% 95%

You must really show that you care as no one wants to buy from someone who is just in it for money. In a nutshell, establish yourself as a brand with integrity, trust, and reliability.

Tip #1: Developing Your Value Proposition

You may not realize how integral marketing can be for your business. Think about it – how is your target going to know who you are and what you do unless you share that information with them.

The better you can promote yourself and the services you offer, the more successful your real estate business will be. For example, tell the clients why you became a real estate agent and your motivations. However, continue to keep the emphasis on the aspect that you are in it to help people.

Spell out your unique features and traits to the existing and potential clients and community. For this, you will need a short value proposition that exhibits your strengths as a real estate agent and the value that you offer. Do not shy away from using this statement throughout your marketing content.

To get this right ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is unique about you from other competitors?
  • What do you have to offer that others do not?

For example, experience, knowledge, education, range of services, cost competitiveness, etc.

You can also use any of your skills from a past career that can help you become an invaluable real estate agent. For example, if you were a banker or an insurance agent, you can use this to your advantage to help clients with free guidance on mortgages, bank loans, and homeowners insurance.

Remember that people love businesses that give back to the community. You can participate in community work, volunteer for charitable causes in your locale, etc.

Tip #2: Define a Brand Voice that Matches You

Always put your best foot forward and come across authentically. For this, you will need to define your style of work. This can be a trial and test exercise where you may want to use different messaging and persona and find out which one receives the most response from your clients.

For example, while knowledge and expertise may be your strongest suites, adding a sophisticated touch to your branding goes a long way. Or maybe you find that a more casual demeanor puts your clients at ease. You have to remember that you are the face of your real estate business so that people will perceive the brand in your image. Find the style that works best for you and your clients.

Tip #3: Infuse your Brand in Digital Marketing Campaign

Once you succeed in developing a respectable image in your community, it is time to infuse it into several aspects of your real estate digital marketing campaigns.

On Social Media

Social media is a good place to post images of yourself and to explore your brand voice. This will be your chance to showcase your personality, characteristics, and interests. Think of it as the medium for your clients to see what you claim to be – after all, seeing is believing.

You can also share your life, achievements, current projects, and working environment on your social media page. You may be able to strike an emotional chord with your clients and develop deeper relationships by showing some authenticity.

Via Email

You can infuse your voice and personality into emails as a cost-effective and efficient means to communicate with your clients and target audience. While consistency is the key, you must ensure not to overdo it. Moreover, you can also use emails as a re-targeting strategy to reach out to people who have shown interest in working with you.

Most email platforms have the option to test different emails. Try infusing different styles into your emails to test which gets you higher opens, clicks and replies.


Once you have figured out who you are as a real estate agent, what you do, and why you do it, it is time to create a strong bio and about page. You must write a professional bio while keeping it simple, clear, and easy to read. Use this bio on your website and landing pages with a professional-looking picture of yourself.

However, you can use this across all platforms, including social media pages, emails, newsletters, and other business listing sites such as Yelp, Google My Business, etc. The idea is for real estate sellers and buyers to find your real estate brand online and feel the strength of your personality and professional qualification.

The Takeaway

So now you know how easy yet intertwined it can be to infuse your brand in the entire marketing campaign. Give it a good thought, come up with a brand image that will portray the best side of your personality and professionalism, and you are golden.

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