John Spence Case Study: Making Email News Awesomely Simple


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While the majority of clients are organizations and associations, here is exciting news about the success of one of our business influencer clients: a world-renowned speaker, thought-leader, and consultant in the business world, John Spence.

Our partnership with Spence is rather unique. His news brief primarily consists of the articles that he and some of his peers in the business influencer space tweet out to their followers. In addition to posts from The John Spence Achieving Business Excellence blog, automatically compiles the content that Spence determines to be relevant to his subscribers. Then artificial intelligence individualizes the articles in each email according to each subscriber’s interests. 

Spence explains the value of his news brief

John Spence and his marketing team have been enthusiastic about the value our news brief has provided their community of subscribers from the very beginning.

Below, Spence describes that value in his own words:


“I have already had several people tell me that they love the newsletter and that the content is fantastic, which is especially cool because the AI is custom generating content for each reader. Also, I love it because it is hands-off, I set the parameters, it knows where to pull from, and the AI only puts up articles that I know will be of value to the readers. I know that I'm not wasting my readers’ time and that they will find value in everything I send to them."


"My newsbrief content represents my individual brand and the way I believe in doing business. The product allows me to automatically distribute these important articles, along with my self-published content - all personalized for each member of my community - on a regular basis."


"The [engagement level] has exceeded my expectations: 40% of my subscribers open our emails. Beyond that, for the group we have gathered the most Artificial Intelligence information on, our open rate is about 60%. It feels great to know that the training, education, and business research resources I am passing to my followers are being used to help them grow.”

Deliver the value of automated AI to your community

We are passionate about using AI to filter through the noise and deliver authoritative content of tangible value to our customer’s communities. What’s even better is that our personalization comes at no additional time cost to our customer’s teams. Instead of spending their time hand-segmenting emails, our customers spend their time reviewing the user insights they gain from our analytics dashboard. They can use those insights to develop their own internal content plans to achieve optimal value for their readers.

Learn more about how can help you personalize your email content with AI. Find out how to automatically disseminate your valuable internal content to your readers.

Boost membership engagement and increase revenue.

Get more from your email list.

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