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Tech has changed every aspect of our lives, from purchasing groceries to how we manage our health to how we stay in touch with family and friends. That holds true for how we buy and sell real estate as well.

Real estate agents work hard to have a pulse on market trends at the local, regional and national levels. One big trend worth noting? The growing number of proptech–also known as property technology–firms angling to disrupt the real estate industry. Savvy agents keep up with how tech developments affect their clients and their work.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick roundup of useful websites and blogs to help you stay on top of the latest proptech trends.

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Many real estate agents and brokers rely on the Inman blog for real estate industry news and analysis. It follows that Inman also has some of the most relevant and readable real estate technology news out there. Check out the blog’s real estate technology page for deep dives into interesting tech topics like AI-fueled software that predicts days on market, virtual staging and proptech buyouts.


TechCrunch is a go-to source for all things tech startup. Looking to keep up with the latest proptech mergers and acquisitions? Check in with TechCrunch. The news site doesn’t have a dedicated spot for proptech news, but using it’s search tool to look for real estate articles will bring you to the latest news.

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The Real Deal

The Real Deal is chock full of need-to-know real estate insights, including how trends are playing out in major metro regions like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and South Florida. Visit its technology section for relevant and timely info on the latest proptech deals as well as analysis on how giants like Zillow and Redfin are shaping the market.


Housing Wire provides info on the latest housing market, real estate and mortgage trends. This is a great site for both high-level info and deep dives into a particular tech topic. Housing Wire’s tech focus areas include iBuyers, companies that leverage tech to buy and sell homes more quickly, proptech and secondary market tech.

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Real Estate Social Media & Technology Mastermind

Not quite sure where to start when it comes to tech reading? Join this Facebook group to get links to articles and join in a conversation about how tech is changing the work of real estate agents. The group also offers tips for agents looking for ways to leverage technology to sell more homes.


CRETech describes itself as the place “where the commercial real estate industry comes to discover all things tech.” In addition to events, eBooks and a range of other content, the platform has a blog offering market analysis and expert commentary on tech and its role in commercial real estate sales.

The Close

Check out The Close for relatable real estate software reviews and actionable info on what tech developments mean for your business. The website excels at packing useful advice from top real estate experts into clear, approachable and scroll-friendly articles. Click on the technology tab on the homepage menu to get the latest tech headlines.

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wealth of news articles, blog posts and other content available online. The bright side? It’s easier than ever to keep up with the real estate tech info most relevant to your work. Each of these sources on their own will help give you a leg up in staying on top of trends. Pick one or two that speaks most to your work and check in once or twice a month to keep up with the latest headlines.

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