The Best Way to Bring Value to Your Summer Internship


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For companies of all sizes, it is the standard operating procedure to hire interns seasonally. For college students like myself, it’s usually during the summer months when classes are out. Interns are common in almost all industries and complete a wide range of tasks in exchange for real-world work experience. These tasks can range from team almond milk latte runs to never-ending data entry, and from answering phones to running social media accounts. So, when it comes to interns, our to-do list goes on and on. 

Your Company Newsletter Could Be One of These Tasks

Most new interns lack experience, so they don’t receive a lot of responsibilities, especially those that can impact a brand or company on a large scale. When I arrived at and they told me my job would be to take over managing their company newsletter, it seemed like an easy task at first. What I realized, though, was that it was a huge responsibility to send a newsletter out to thousands of people. But, what I discovered from using was that even this nervous new intern was able to manage the weekly company newsletter, no sweat. 

Email Newsletters are Alive and Well

Despite my preconceived notions, I learned that email is still alive and well. Email is one of the only communication channels that you, as a sender, actually control, as opposed to social media platforms, which dictate who views what with complicated and unclear algorithms. Email is actually less noisy compared to the barrage of messages that are more fleeting in nature on social media. So if you aren’t using it already, you should be engaging with your audience via email on a regular basis. More than ever before, a weekly email newsletter can do wonders for your brand.

I found out that an email newsletter can promote your brand by:  

  • Creating an avenue for sharing information.
  • Providing a way to advertise to a larger audience.
  • Showing your brand’s expertise and contributions to your industry. 
  • Building a stronger connection between you and your target audience. 

Learn About the Engagement Mistakes You Might be Making

Your Company Newsletter Deserves Some Love and Attention

One thing I found out about a company’s audience and customers is that they are busy people with a lot on their minds. For that reason, it’s highly likely your audience isn’t thinking about your brand every day. In fact, depending on your industry, it’s a strong possibility they aren’t thinking about your brand even weekly. But an engaging, informative and personalized newsletter can make all the difference. 

By sending a weekly newsletter email, we were able to train our audience to anticipate and be excited about new developments and information from our brand. For instance, by regularly offering each person content that is helpful and interesting, your target audience will look forward to getting it. It was exciting to see the results from our newsletter – a newsletter that I was able to manage with little training or know-how by using 

15 Ways to Take Your Newsletter to the Next Level

A Newsletter Shows You Who is Sales Ready

Did you know that you can use your company newsletter as a powerful tool to drive sales? I did some research and found out that people who make purchases via email marketing spend 138 percent more than people who don’t. That is just one of the reasons to give your newsletter some TLC today. After all, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

Here’s how it works: with the ability to track the opens and clicks of each email you send, you are able to follow your customer’s activity. That way, you’ll know if they are interested or close to being interested in making a purchase with you. 

I discovered that once I had this information, I could tweak the company newsletter content to further entice our target audience. This is also a great way to show them you are a brand they can trust. This process drastically decreases the sales cycle you may be currently experiencing thanks to a more effective sales strategy. 

Get Started with Sending Your Smart Newsletter Today.

There are tons of marketing tools available today, but if you had to choose just one to add to your repertoire, this is it. If you want to make a lasting impression, be sure to add to your internship toolbox. I highly recommend it to every intern who wants to make a difference. 

This tool enables organizations of all sizes to interact with their subscribers regularly. It didn’t take long for me to realize our newsletter was our customer’s number one resource for staying on top of current industry trends. 

One thing I found with was that I could reach our subscribers on a regular basis and most importantly, in a personalized way. Find out how you can send a Smart Newsletter custom-tailored to your subscriber’s unique interests and personalities, without the time and effort it takes to manually curate your emails.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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