Taking a few days off isn’t as easy as it used to be—because when you get back, you have to deal with your inbox. 

Joe learned that the hard way. After his last vacation, he spent a day slogging through his inbox. This time, after a few days off, he returned to a more manageable 438 unread emails. If he hadn’t deleted a bunch while waiting to board his plane home, there would have been hundreds more.

But, he wonders what he missed in all those unread emails he deleted. All those newsletters he usually reads to keep up on industry news, practices, and trends—gone. Too bad, there’s no way he could spare the time to go through them.

Why members need you to think differently about content

If only there was an easy way for Joe to find and pull out the best stuff in the never-ending stream of information that crosses his screens.

If only Joe belonged to an association that did that for him.

All associations have members like Joe—members (and potential members) who are faced with information overload. They need to be lifelong learners if they have any chance of thriving and surviving in their profession or industry. They have to understand what’s going on in their niche, what’s coming down the pike, what others are doing, and what new ideas and practices are emerging.

But, they have limited time and energy to find that information. They can’t afford to spend hours browsing the web or reading every newsletter they receive.

Here’s where you step in. You want your association to become indispensable to your members on a daily basis. You want to provide such value that it’s a no-brainer for potential members to join. And, you think you already do that because your newsletters go out regularly with the latest news and information.

Sorry, that’s not enough. Everyone does that now. Vendors, consultants, industry media, bloggers, and other organizations send information to your members every day. What makes your content so special?

Another newsletter in your member’s inbox is not the answer.

Unless, you do something those other organizations haven’t figured out yet.

Help Joe and the rest of your members find only the best things to read. Filter and select the most valuable and relevant information and share that with your members and subscribers. Forget about sending a one-size-fits-all selection of content to everyone on your list. Instead, send each member a personalized selection of content based on their individual likes and dislikes.

And here’s the kicker: this content isn’t only sourced from your association, it comes from a wide range of sources.

Cast a broad net for the best curated content

Your members would be willing to unsubscribe to dozens of other newsletters if they could rely on your association to bring them news and information from all sources, not just one source.

It’s not like your association has the monopoly on their reading habits. Maybe you did once, but you don’t now. Members are reading, watching, and listening to information from all kinds of sources—you’re just one of many.

But you can rise above all those other providers by becoming truly indispensable, by helping members cut through the noise and find what they really need to know. You serve as their primary filter and provider of information.

Your members need the best content, not only your content.

Tailor content to individual needs with the help of AI

Some associations have already discovered the power of curation and send out daily or weekly newsletters featuring the best industry reads for their members. Joe receives a newsletter like that from his association, but usually only one or two articles speak to his interests as the senior marketer in his firm. That’s why he subscribes to dozens of other industry and marketing newsletters.

Association newsletters are too easily deletable if members have to scan through irrelevant information. Joe wants content based on his interests and needs as a CMO, not the interests and needs of his CEO, nor the interests and needs of his marketing intern. Joe needs to learn how large marketing departments like his are leveraging their agencies and technology stacks, not how a one-person marketing shop is using MailChimp.

But his association’s staff can’t afford to spend time selecting and sending personalized newsletters to every member and subscriber, so Joe has to clutter his inbox with all those other newsletters if he wants to keep up his game.

Or does he?

Personalized content is no longer the privilege of for-profit organizations with deep pockets. AI-powered technology makes it possible for associations to deliver tailored, personalized content to members and subscribers.

AI’s job is to analyze a member’s behavior to learn about their interests, preferences, relationships, and more, and then automatically tailor content to the member’s needs. Over time, AI shares new content ideas based on market trends that are likely to be a fit for the member.

Joe gets what he wants. Not only that, Joe can unsubscribe to dozens of newsletters—he no longer worries about missing something he should read. No more FOMO. No more inbox anxiety. No more overwhelming information overload.

And, Joe, who’s always in the know, raves about his favorite daily read to his colleagues. You see where this is going, right? AI is member recruitment magic.

Up to now, it hasn’t been easy to find a way to be a daily, indispensable part of every member’s life. Now you can provide that kind of value, thanks to AI-powered technology. Let us know if you want to see how AI works in real life for associations.