Say Hello to’s Generative AI Powered by ChatGPT!

As AI development continues to accelerate, new tools are emerging rapidly, including large language models like ChatGPT and DALL·E 2. We are thrilled to announce our latest beta feature, Generative Text!

Innovation at

At, we have always harnessed the power of AI so that you can engage your subscribers effectively by sending them highly personalized content. 

We understood the time-consuming tasks of designing a newsletter, designing the newsletter, and curating content for a newsletter. Using machine learning and deep learning, creates hyper-personalized email newsletters so you can give the latest news relevant to the subscriber’s interests.

By analyzing user behavior and preferences, our newsletter platform makes customer segmentation easy; it provides relevant insight into the content your subscribers like, and comprehensive analytics with clear newsletter and article data.

We are always thinking of ways to grow and improve our platform, and with our latest developments: generative AI text, you will now have the power to infuse ChatGPT directly into your newsletter messaging.

So, how does it work? 

Enter a prompt for the AI to use to generate text that will be featured in your newsletter. You can even adjust the Type, Length, and Tone so that it aligns with your brand’s specific style and vision.  

We even included an add emoji feature to enhance your copy 😉. Who doesn’t love emojis?  

Here are some examples of prompts: 

  • “Help me announce a new ChatGPT feature that integrates with our super powerful email marketing tool” 
  • “Create copy about our upcoming webinar, AI & Newsletters.”  

Not sure what you want the AI to write about? No problem. With our topic selection feature, you can use your engagement data to select the most popular topics among your readers.  

You can also use this feature to promote your boosted articles, just select the article and the Generative Text will mention it in the copy to help drive more traffic to your blog site.  

Get more from your email list.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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