Keep an Eye on Artificial Intelligence: 12 of the Best Generative AI & AI Resources

How can I stay in the know when it comes to artificial intelligence?

At, we know how important it is to stay on top of news and trends in the AI space. Executives and staff members often ask us how they can keep up with the latest news and trends in AI.

So you asked, and we answered.

Below is a roundup of the top resources you can use to keep up-to-date with what is going on in the artificial intelligence space.

AI Resources & Generative AI Resources

#1 – MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is a publication of regular insights on innovative technologies and how they matter to your day-to-day. Sub-topics range from the business impact of deep learning technologies and intelligence machines to how AI will impact various sustainable energy sources. They publish new stories several times per week.

#2 – The Berkeley Artificial Intelligence (BAIR) Blog

The BAIR blog is a resource that contains content generated by scholars and professor-experts in the machine learning and AI fields. At the same time, it is accessible to general audiences. Most blogs include information on the latest research findings in AI, machine learning, deep learning, and deep reinforcement learning. They release a new post about every two weeks.

#3 – Google AI Blog

Google’s blog on AI delivers information on Artificial Intelligence beyond just how it relates to the tech giant. The blog also publishes general updates on advances in the space. Google references many other authoritative resources on AI throughout its posts, and articles often include interesting visuals and graphs to help explain the concepts they cover. They publish new blogs about once per week.

#4 – The AI (AI-generated) newsletter

Our AI newsletter aggregates several authoritative AI resources along with our content which provides insight into the latest in marketing. Our core purpose at is to better inform the world. So the weekly newsletter that we generate using our own AI technology aggregates our own publications with other leading resources in the space. As you engage with our newsletter, it becomes smarter and sends increasingly personalized marketing and AI-related news to your inbox. dashboard - rasa email newsletter design

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#5 Machine Learning Mastery

Machine Learning Mastery was started by Jason Brownlee, a machine learning developer who found machine learning to be fascinating and wanted to help new developers and data scientists interested in applying machine learning. As a resource, Machine Learning Mastery covers topics including AI application, data science, big data, and natural language processing. Along with his blog site, he provides a multitude of resources including an email course and a newsletter.

#6 OpenAI

OpenAI , a non-profit AI research and deployment company, seeks to make AI tools accessible to all. Funded by Microsoft, Reid Hoffman’s charitable foundation, and Khosla Ventures, OpenAI research and blog are available to anyone interested in further discovering groundbreaking AI.

Innovative products such as large language models like DALL·E 2 , an AI system that can create realistic images an d art just from a description, and ChatGPT , introduced on November 30th, 2022, an AI model trained to answer questions, admit mistakes, reject requests, and more; OpenAI is a valuable resource for anybody looking to explore what AI solution is possible.

#7 – Futurism’s Artificial Intelligence Blog

Futurism is a platform that reports on breakthroughs in innovative technologies. Its AI blog seeks to track and document changes in AI as they happen. Futurism puts out several AI-related posts per week revolving around how responsible AI can be used and applications that utilize generative AI.

#8 – AWS Machine Learning Blog

The Amazon Web Services machine learning blog is a more web developer-centric AI publication. So for all of those technologically savvy people out there interested in how Amazon is one of the platforms at the center of the machine learning realm, subscribing is a must. They publish blogs several times per week.

#9 – The Guardian AI News Feed

The Guardian has over 40 different news feeds, columns, and streams, so its AI-centric feed is updated with relevant, daily news in the AI space. Topics range from artificial intelligence advances in the business world and medically relevant news to updates on important AI learning events.

The AI industry has continued to expand en-masse revolutionizing multiple industries such as business analytics, business administration, cyber security, and digital marketing. These digital artificial intelligence resources will keep you up to date on the latest AI news, advancements, and offerings. As AI continues to evolve, its uses will grow, but these tools will help you stay in the know when it comes to this exciting technological space.

#10 – Learn Prompting

Learn Prompting is an open-source curriculum that offers free training to individuals of all skill levels to improve their communication with artificial intelligence. The curriculum is divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced modules, and it provides comprehensive guidance on how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools. Additionally, Learn Prompting is accessible in nine different languages and provides a worldwide network for learners to connect and exchange knowledge.

#11 – Online Course(s)

Looking for a simpler introduction to AI? Coursera offers a vast amount of courses about AI, the machine learning model, and more! AI For Everyone and Stanford Machine Learning, both taught and led by Professor Andrew Ng, the head and co-founder of Google Brain, a deep learning artificial intelligence team of researchers under the umbrella of Google AI.

  • AI for Everyone designed to teach you strategies and workflows to deploy AI projects and strategies, is a useful resource for those seeking to leverage artificial intelligence in their organization.
  • Stanford Machine Learning is meant for those with some technical expertise in programming and data. The online course covers supervised learning, neural networks, and more. If you are looking for real AI work / use cases, this is a great resource to understand the AI algorithm.

The ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers course teaches effective use of LLMs, prompt engineering, and how to build a custom chatbot. It covers summarization, text transformation, and expansion using OpenAI API. Suitable for folks ranging from beginners with basic Python knowledge to data scientist / engineers.

#12 – Academic Programs

If you are interested in pursuing higher education or higher ed, several universities provide computer science (CS), data science (DS), and machine learning degree programs. These programs offer a more organized and thorough curriculum for studying AI. Many publish resources we’ve already mentioned, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) & UC Berkeley.

How can businesses effectively implement and integrate these AI tools into their existing workflows?

To effectively implement and integrate AI tools into existing workflows, businesses should start by identifying specific areas where AI can add value, such as automating repetitive tasks or enhancing data analysis. For instance, a marketing team might use AI to automate email campaigns and personalize content with Companies should then train their teams on the chosen AI tools and gradually integrate these tools into their daily operations to ensure a smooth transition.

What specific industries or use cases can benefit the most from each AI resource mentioned?

The short answer: anyone and everyone. Each AI resource can greatly benefit specific industries and use cases. For instance, the healthcare industry can use AI for predictive analytics and personalized treatment plans, while the retail sector can leverage AI for inventory management and personalized shopping experiences. AI resources like chatbots are particularly useful in customer service across various industries, providing 24/7 support and improving customer satisfaction.

How can I stay updated on the latest developments and trends in AI beyond these resources?

To stay updated on the latest AI developments and trends, subscribe to AI newsletters, join AI-focused online communities, follow leading AI researchers and organizations on social media, and participate in webinars, conferences, and continuous learning platforms.

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