Video Content That Can Help Small Businesses Attract Customers

Businesses are always looking for new ways to attract new customers, and video marketing is a perfect candidate in modern times. Videos can improve your digital marketing strategy in numerous ways, allowing you to attract new customers.

According to statistics, 93 percent of businesses say video content helps attract new customers. This means video content will translate directly to an increase in your return on investment (ROI).

  • Percent of businesses reporting video attracts customers 93% 93%

How Video Content Can Help

As a business trying to gain more new customers, you can start creating video content for various platforms. These include your official website, social media pages, blogs, business listing sites, and more.

However, one of the best uses is to share personalized video messages with your customers. You can use these customized messages when sending out emails to customers or when they reach out to you via live chat on your website or social media platforms.

You can also use video content as social media stories and posts. You can also post polls on the products and services to engage customers and create videos showing behind the scene. These videos will give the target audience a peek into your work ethics and culture.

Quick Tip: While creating a personalized video is all about using content relevant to each customer group, you will need some help for sure. That means you will need a good video editing app, software, or tool to shoot and edit your content. Here are some apps to kick start your video marketing strategy in 2021.

Topics of Videos Businesses Can Create

If you are new to this and wondering what topics you can cover in your video marketing campaign, here is a quick description of several categories.


Customers love businesses that offer value-added services. Therefore, you can offer them freebies such as downloadable video tutorials related to your products. This can include a review of a product and how to use them.

You can create walkthrough videos of your store or software. You can also create tutorials about any other topic related to your business, such as how customers can place an order, return an item, etc.

You can offer these free tutorials as a means to get customers to enlist on your emailing list or newsletter subscription etc. As they will provide you their email information or sign up for the newsletter, they are actually giving you consent to contact them, i.e., potential new customers.

Interviews with Your Existing Customers

Customers prefer buying from businesses with positive reviews. A report suggests that 93 percent of the customers make a purchase decision after checking out the online reviews.

The best way to showcase your existing customers’ thoughts about your products and services is to create video testimonials and interviews. You can ask willing customers to say something positive about your company on a video, and you can use this on your official website, blogs, social media posts, etc.


Purchase decisions after reading online reviews

Behind the Scenes Videos

You can let the target audience have a sneak peek behind the scenes. They will love to get a glimpse of what you do behind the curtains. If you are a business with some unique working culture or workspace, you can create a behind-the-scenes video or series of videos.

This is a great way to give your customers a more personalized service and strike an emotional chord with them. Seeing a positive working culture can help your business establish a trustworthy and positive brand image in the market.

You can also use such videos for employment branding to attract the best potential talent during the recruitment process.

Get to Know the Staff Videos

Instead of making one big video introducing all the employees, it is best to create a series of short videos for each team member. These short videos can help new customers familiarize themselves with each of your employees by knowing their names, what they do etc.
This virtual interaction with the team creates a bond of trust and loyalty between your company and potential customers. You can even conduct short interviews with key team members such as CEOs, Directors, creative teams, marketing heads, HR managers, etc.

That said, you must focus on topics that are really relevant to your audience and will pique their interest. You can also ask the founder of the company about their inspiration to start the company. On the other hand, you can ask your employees in key roles about their motivations to join your organization.

Product Reviews

This is all about the product reviews. You can either do a tutorial review of the product or ask customers to review your product on a video and use this as a marketing strategy to attract new customers. You can create whiteboard videos explaining something new that you (as a company) understand and would like to share that knowledge with your customers.

Why not create small videos such as top 5 products, top influencers, thought leaders, or books to help customers in their daily lives. This will offer value-added services that can help you attract more and more customers.

Industry Expert and Influencer Videos

Short video commentary from industry experts or influencers can be high-value and very engaging for your audience. These folks are often extraordinarily busy, so streamlining video collection that only requires a few minutes of their time is critical. You can check out tools like Vocal Video, a remote video testimonial service, which makes getting authentic videos fast, easy, and inexpensive.


Using a combination of all of the videos mentioned above can boost your digital marketing efforts for better consumer engagement. You do not have to be a tech-savvy entrepreneur or organization to master this mode of marketing. All you need is a smartphone, professional attire, and a smiling face to record your series of personalized videos.

Happy Recording!

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