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A newsletter sent by is unlike any other email newsletter.

Is it created by some new kind of magical complicated code?
Does it interact with all four of the senses, providing smell and touch somehow??
Can it predict the future?

Sorry, no, to all of the above. But it does give you something better.

The newsletter is the first (and only) of its kind.

Read on to learn more…


Every newsletter sent with is completely unique. Every recipient on every list gets a unique version of their own newsletter.

Our advanced AI algorithm observes email engagement and optimizes for the individual – whether you’re sending company news in your internal newsletter or important information to your customers – any individual on any kind of email list..


Every time a sender sends their newsletter, the algorithm learns more about each of the recipients on their list (not in a creepy way). And with every send, the recipient gets a better newsletter.

It’s basically the opposite of spam.

With every send, email recipients will see the content they enjoy most, delivered to them based on their own unique interests.

Email marketers are responsible for managing hundreds of email addresses, organizing and sending email campaigns every week, and a personalized newsletter can seem impossible.

So, we made it easier.



We were sick of:

  • Mass spammy emails
  • Dissecting and maneuvering through social media algorithms
  • Inauthentic lead nurturing

And since we were tired of sending emails that did nothing for the sender or recipient – we invented a way to send one that’s actually worth reading (and loving).


Design your newsletter to be on brand.

What are my options?

You choose all of the design options for your newsletter. You can pick fonts, colors, layout – you name it. Your newsletter is an extension of your brand, it’s up to you what it looks like. dashboard

Sources are connected to your newsletter.

What is a source?

A source can be a blog, a news site, a youtube channel, a twitter profile, etc. We even have a comprehensive library for you to search through and connect sources directly to your newsletter from inside the platform (easy peasy). There are countless sources that are relevant to your industry and newsletter, all you need to do is look and connect. You’re not limited to our library though, add any source that’s publishing content – that can include you, too!

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The content published by each of the chosen sources is pulled into your content pool.

What is content?

Sources publish all types of content like, blog posts, articles, videos, etc. And content is the meat and potatoes of your newsletter – the good stuff. It’s what your email recipients want to read. It’s the value that you provide to them. Instead of just emailing them and asking them to buy from you, now, you’re giving them something. You’re giving them valuable information and turning yourself into a valuable resource that they will trust and turn to when they’re ready to do business. dashboard

The content is curated for each individual’s newsletter.

How is it curated?

The artificial intelligence chooses a set of articles from the content pool for each individual based on their past engagement with your newsletters. The first set of articles is not based on their behavior (since they have none). But once they start clicking on articles, they start to see a more curated selection designated just for them.

The Straight Talk Guide to Content Curation [Free Download] dashboard

 Let’s put it altogether.

Here’s an example:

You own a pet supplies store and you are ready to do some email marketing. You send a weekly newsletter to your email list.

You’ve connected sources like Animal Wellness Magazine and They publish lots and lots of content (aka blog posts) like “Calming activities for a hyperactive dog” or “How to Bring an Outdoor Cat Indoors” and so much more.

And your own blog – don’t forget about that. You write a blog with content like “The most nutritious bird food,” “The best toys for growing puppies and kittens,” “The most absorbent cat litter,” and more – you’re the expert!

You’ve got an email list full of great customers. For example; Mary who owns a chihuahua and Joseph who has a house full of cats. And when you send your newsletter (you guessed it) everybody gets the content that’s best for them.

So, out of all three sources you’ve connected (Animal Wellness Magazine,, and your own blog) 50 articles were published. But you chose for each subscriber to only receive 10 articles in their newsletter.

This week, everybody on your list gets an article that you wrote titled, “Pet friendly house plants”.

But, the next seven articles are chosen for each individual.

So, Mary gets articles like, “The top 10 most absorbent pee pads” and “The best dog parks in the city!” And Joseph gets articles like, “DIY your own cat trees” and “Affordable flea medicine for outdoor cats.

Everybody gets to see content that they’re actually interested in.

And you?

You’re the one that cared enough to give it to them.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any case studies from businesses that use your tool?

Yes! Take a look at our case studies right here. Or, if you prefer to watch some testimonial videos, click here.

Do I need a domain email address to send emails?

You do not need your own domain to send your newsletter from although we do highly recommend authenticating your domain to send from if you have one.

Read more about domain authentication here.

What platforms does currently integrate with? currently integrations with:

  • Zapier*
  • Salesforce
  • Mailchimp
  • Hubspot
  • Shopify
  • Infusionsoft
  • SendFox
  • Salesflare
  • Deskera

Read more about how our integrations work.

*The Zapier integration can be used to integrate platforms that do not have a direct integration with the platform.

Can you insert html into the newsletter template? For example, display an ad, write a custom message, etc.

You sure can. All of our templates include the option to add your own HTML blocks as well as options for static banner and square images (often used for promotions/ads), and text blocks.

Read more here.

How does this compare to Mailchimp?

Would I use this with or instead of Hubspot?

Will this suite agency use case?

Yes! You can create multiple newsletters within one account and your total contacts across each newsletter will be rolled up and counted towards the limit in your tier.

You can easily navgate between newsletters in the platform for easy manageability.

What do you do with user data?

We’re only collecting topical data from the articles your readers have chosen to click on within your newsletter to inform our recommendations model in the app. We are not collecting data from other apps or selling data to other apps.

Can I import my subscribers from my current ESP without them having to reconfirm their subscription?

Yes, you can import contacts that have opted in to your email list. You’ll confirm their consent when you import the list into the dashboard.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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