GDPR: Is Your Organization Ready?

At, our Core Purpose is To Better Inform the World. We are committed to this purpose and everything we do is built around it. Better information for every citizen of Planet Earth requires us to gain insight into preferences, tastes, interests, and relationships.

GDPR and

To best inform the world, we use those insights to accurately tailor content streams to each individual, taking into account context and timing. Our Artificial Intelligence platform is designed to help each user cut through the noise and get the best content for them. But, to make this truly the “best information” for each person, we need to make data security and privacy as much of a priority as the power of our algorithms.

GDPR and The European Union

We applaud the EU for taking a leadership position with data privacy with their modern and comprehensive approach now established with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  While this regulation may at first glance appear to be EU specific, it has a global impact. Any database, located anywhere in the world, that contains data on even a single EU citizen in it must comply.

Beyond the broad reach of this regulation, the more important part is that it is forcing all businesses to take a hard look at their data architecture, security, and privacy approach and ensure they are acting in a responsible way. In the European Union and beyond, the vast majority of organizations we work with are taking this time to re-evaluate their data practices.

GDPR and Compliance

In some ways, GDPR is similar to other privacy regulations and laws that have been enacted over the years. Compliance at this point is open to some degree of interpretation in each organization’s approach and implementation. In addition, there is no third party audit standard in place yet that can be used to objectively establish that a company or not-for-profit has indeed complied. We expect that to change in the coming years.

For, the idea of privacy and data security are deeply embedded into our organization’s core ideology, as we believe that without proper security and privacy in place, we can’t achieve our Core Purpose. For this reason, we are excited to embrace GDPR and share what we’ve learned with the rest of the community.

On Wednesday, April 25th at 1PM CST / 2PM EST, we will be giving an overview of GDPR, what we’ve learned, and how it will apply to associations. We want to share best practices and ideas we’ve come up with in order to help our customers become GDPR compliant, beyond where is involved in their organizations.

While some may view this new regulation as burdensome, we feel like it is an opportunity for organizations to think critically about their customers’ data and privacy needs and lead the way at an important time. We are committed to GDPR compliance, and we are excited to work through this new privacy landscape.

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