How To Master Curated Newsletters Without Breaking A Sweat


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Email marketing undoubtedly remains the world’s most effective digital marketing tool available to businesses, associations, and organizations.

Whether you send a weekly newsletter, a monthly newsletter, or even quarterly, a quality email newsletter can help your organization stay top of mind, foster brand authority, and grow your audience.

However, the success of an email newsletter campaign depends on great content and a keen eye for content marketing as part of your overall digital campaign.

While content is vital to any successful digital marketing effort, generating enough content to keep your email newsletter relevant and engaging can really be time-consuming, to say the least.

So how do organizations like yours harness the power of digital marketing through engaging newsletters without having to dedicate hours of valuable time to creating newsletter content?  

Curated newsletters are the answer.

Whether you are a business, association, nonprofit, agency, or freelancer, curated newsletters can help you get more from your email list.

This post will explain the process of creating successful curated newsletters that will keep your audience coming back for more with the relevant content you send them.

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Understanding Newsletters and How They Work

At, we know a thing or two about curated newsletters. In fact, as a provider of the world’s only truly personalized email newsletter software solution, we’d like to think that we are experts on the subject.

If you are unfamiliar with email newsletters, they are emails sent to your email subscribers regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) to keep them informed on various topics related to your company or organization.

What Goes Into a Good Email Newsletter?

There are a number of universal characteristics of a successful email newsletter.

Remember the following tips when creating your organization’s email newsletter campaign, especially if you are just starting out.

  • Don’t oversell. Mentioning your product or service in your email newsletter is okay, especially during a launch or important update. Still, the overall purpose of your email newsletter should be to inform the reader about news and information related to your industry, not about trying to sell them your product or service.
  • Keep things simple. Email newsletters need to be informative without giving the reader too much to digest in one sitting. It’s always wise to encourage readers to click through your content to read or learn more.
  • Be compelling. The key to a successful email newsletter is giving readers content they will find useful and want to engage with.
  • Make opting-out easy. You must always make opting out of your email communications simple for the reader.

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So, what’s a curated email newsletter?

As mentioned earlier, an email newsletter cannot be successful without quality, engaging content.

So how do you find enough interesting and informative content to fill a regularly scheduled email newsletter?

The answer lies in content curation.

The definition of curation is the act of pulling together, sifting through, and/or collecting items for presentation. For the purposes of this discussion, a curated newsletter aggregates content based on a specific subject.

In other words, a curated newsletter finds the best content and pulls it together into one place; your email newsletter.

Why Curated Content Works

Marketers and businesses increasingly turn to curated content for their email newsletter campaigns.

There are three ways in which curated content is crucial to building trust with your audience:

1. Context

The more a subscriber knows about your organization, where it’s coming from, and its unique industry perspectives, the easier it is for that subscriber to trust your organization. Over time, they will rely on your company to provide the useful content they seek and, ultimately, will be more likely to buy into whatever products and services you offer.

2. Familiarity

A curated newsletter provides familiarity with your organization by regularly delivering useful content to your subscribers’ inboxes. The more your audience associates your brand with the content that matters most to them, the more likely they will connect and engage with your organization, making any product or service you offer more enticing.

3. Credibility

Displaying credibility and authority in your field or industry is crucial to building trust and growing your audience. You will more easily earn that credibility by providing useful, informative content via curated newsletters.

Using AI for Better Newsletter Email Curation

At, we use artificial intelligence (AI) software to streamline the newsletter curation process and provide hyper-personalized content to the individual subscriber to maximize your digital marketing efforts.

When you use, you provide the curated links and sources from which you derive your content, and will handle the rest. Our AI software will sift through each content source, including trade publications, blogs, organization websites, social media channels, or your original content, to determine which content will work best in your curated newsletter.

Best of all, is the only curated newsletter platform that analyzes individual subscriber behavior to ensure that their newsletter content is tailored specifically to them. With, every newsletter you send out is customized to each unique subscriber.

That’s the beauty of AI-powered curated newsletter software that only can provide.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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