Human Resources and Staffing Newsletters sent by Customers

Here’s our latest roundup of human resources and staffing newsletters!

This post highlights some great newsletters sent by our users in the HR and staffing industry. If you’re in this field, this post is a perfect way to see who is already sending relevant newsletters (and how easy it is to set one up yourself).

Setting up a newsletter is an easy way to position yourself as a valuable resource to your audience, increase traffic to your website, engage regularly, and stay top of mind.

See what each newsletter has to offer and how easily you can set one up yourself.

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Newsletter: Renew HR

Sender: Renew HR

Frequency: Biweekly

“At Renew HR’s SuccessFactors Consuting practice, our purpose is to help the small and mid-size business run better and improve their HR processes and service delivery. We promise to bring SAP SuccessFactors best practices combined with our years of HR domain knowledge to our customers at an affordable price point.”

About Renew HR

The Renew HR biweekly newsletter is full of useful information for small to mid-size business HR professionals. They help their clients “rebuild your HR solution, renovate your employee relationships, and become the organization you always knew you could be.” 

Renew HR - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter

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Newsletter: PIHRA HR Weekly

Sender: PIHRA: Professionals in Human Resources Association

Frequency: Weekly

“To engage, elevate and serve the California human resource community through innovative programming, professional development and high-impact networking opportunities.”


PIHRA HR Weekly keeps human resource professionals informed on current industry trends, educational resources, and powerful stories from leading industry publications. Stay on top of the latest HR news and subscribe today! You don’t need to be a member of the association to take advantage of this free service.

PIHRA - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter

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Sender: Lloyd Staffing

Frequency: Weekly

Number of Newsletters: 5

“At LLoyd, we are not just agents of talent, but agents of change. Workforce innovations, new technology, different skills all create a need for a reliable resource with expertise in talent acquisition and placement. That’s what LLoyd is all about. We advise and guide job candidates through impactful career moves and we help employers build agile and effective workforces that will serve them well through all economies and business challenges.”

About Lloyd Staffing

Lloyd Staffing started out with their longest, most popular newsletter, The Sunday Reader, geared towards an audience of CSuite, Sr Execs, Leaders in Talent Acquisition/Management. They then successfully launched 4 more newsletters directed at some of their core talent specialties: Healthcare, Accounting/Finance, Creative/Digital, and Technology. They curate news largely relevant to talent, the workforce, workplace trends, recruitment/retention issues, innovative hiring, and more.

Subscribe to the Sunday Reader here.

Sending a newsletter has been great in helping them build their brand visibility with news that helps them engage and educate their client audience.

Their weekly newsletters are effective touchpoints that keep their name top of mind and give their recruitment managers a good communication vehicle and news to share.

We are so excited to congratulate them on their 50th anniversary of serving the workforce and business community!

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Lloyd Sunday Reader
Lloyd Sunday Reader - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter
Lloyd Creative
Lloyd Creative - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter
Lloyd Health
Lloyd Health - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter
Lloyd IT - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter
Lloyd Accounting & Finance
Lloyd Accounting - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter

Newsletter: Share Your Story


Frequency: Weekly

“At, we define success as the meaningful and authentic connection we make between an employer and a potential employee. We believe that every candidate and every company has a story to tell and those stories are the catalyst that brings qualified employees and employers together. “


Their newsletter supports their mission: To provide a platform that enables genuine dialogue between these parties and allows job seekers to find their next career adventure and job posters to find their next integral team member.

LocalJobs - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter

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Newsletter: JobMonkey

Sender: JobMonkey

Frequency: Weekly

“Our mission here at JobMonkey is to help you find seasonal or year-round jobs working for employers who can offer you unique opportunities to travel the world, have fun, and earn good money doing it.”

About JobMonkey

JobMonkey has in-depth content on employment opportunities and they host all kinds of cool, interesting, and unique job experiences on their site. You can view the wide variety of our job listings at

JobMonkey, Inc. - rasaio - Human Resources and Staffing - Example Newsletter

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Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

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