Supporting Entrepreneurial Talent: AI Keeps The Idea Village Community in the Know

At, we do our best to tie our daily work to our mission to better inform the world. We also recognize the significance of the role we play in supporting our customers in achieving their missions and greater overall purposes.

Helping to engage communities one mission at a time

As a New Orleans-based company, we are particularly excited about the mission of one of our earliest customers, Idea Village. Idea Village is a “nonprofit dedicated to engaging [the New Orleans] community to embrace innovation, entrepreneurship, and new thinking … as a result, New Orleans is now in the top 10% of best cities to start a business in the country, with startup activity 64% above the national average.

Idea Village’s mission is simple and vital: To identify, support, and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans.

The vital work Idea Village is doing for our beloved city makes us particularly excited to share the results of working with them. Our team began work with the business incubator to help their team deliver relevant business news to their community. Idea Village wanted to offer the news and articles that would help their community of entrepreneurs and other thought leaders make informed decisions on a daily basis.

Going beyond the email segmentation of the past

Idea Village wanted to engage their community members every day, and in a meaningful way. They also wanted to individualize the content they curated for each subscriber to deliver the greatest possible value.

The AI at compiled a collection of content from a wealth of authoritative sources in the space including, Entrepreneur, and Harvard Business Review. Then this artificial intelligence worked to individualize news and articles for the Idea Village community based upon what it knows each individual is interested in learning about.


Idea Village uses the AI tools that provides to move beyond the email segmentation of the past to bring content personalization to a completely new level.

The technology auto-generates email news to their community members. As a result, the Idea Village team can concentrate more time planning the events that make them the go-to resource for entrepreneurs in New Orleans.  

The numbers speak for themselves.

On average, 30% of the Idea Village community uses personalized news generated by to inform their daily lives. Also, for the group our AI has gathered the most information on, we see daily open rates of over 50%.

Leverage to engage your community

We are excited to share this latest story with our community. We would love to teach you about how you can use AI to engage your community as well. Sign up and start today.

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