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At, we know newsletters! After all, it’s what we do.

The team has vast knowledge and experience in helping associations, organizations and other businesses achieve their marketing goals by creating and distributing curated, personalized email newsletters that engage audiences, regardless of the industry.

Of course, we’re not foolish enough to think that we are your only choice when choosing an email newsletter to enhance your subscriber experience.

There are lots of other great options out there.

Sure, we could fill these pages telling you that is the best newsletter automation tool on the market, but that’s not what matters. What matters most to the team is you, your organization or business, and its email recipients!

So, we want to give you every opportunity to make the best decisions when choosing an email newsletter tool that is best for you and your subscribers.

In this piece, we take a deep dive into FeedOtter. This popular alternative allows users to automate and construct emails sent from your organization’s existing email service provider and in conjunction with your existing marketing automation software.

While and FeedOtter will help businesses and organizations design and deliver informative newsletters for subscribers, there are fundamental differences between each software option.

This article breaks it down to help you decide which one will work best for you.

Short Summary


With FeedOtter, your organization’s marketing managers can automatically turn your company’s blog posts and other in-house content into email newsletters. FeedOtter uses RSS power to automatically turn your website content into recurring email newsletters sent from Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, Marketo, or Pardot. With FeedOtter, you can forever kiss manually copied and pasted headlines, images, and texts goodbye.

Great for: Senders who use Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, Marketo, or Pardot and procure most of their newsletter content from their website.

The platform uses automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create hyper-personalized newsletters with content that is unique to each individual subscriber. With, you have complete control over your newsletter, choosing which sources to use that best match your industry and making design/frequency decisions. At the same time, AI technology dictates which articles, based on your chosen and filtered sources, are delivered to individual subscribers based on automatically collected data about their unique interests and past behaviors.

Great for: Senders who want to maintain control of their email newsletter while streamlining the process, using AI data to make them more personalized and offer maximum engagement.

Revenue Generation Through Advertising


FeedOtter works with its user’s favorite native and banner-based ad server technologies to optimize revenue generation as part of their email newsletter campaign. When you use FeedOtter to create your email newsletters, you can generate newsletter revenue with OpenX, PowerInbox, BroadstreetAds, and LiveIntent.

Great for: Senders that use OpenX, PowerInbox, BroadstreetAds, and LiveIntent ad serves as part of their existing marketing efforts.

When it comes to newsletter advertising, striking a balance between content and ads is crucial to success. When you use, your business or organization can subtly monetize your newsletters without overwhelming subscribers with ad-heavy content. With, you can decide how much or how little ad space you sell to advertisers and deliver those ads as text, images, or HTML-based content. You choose which advertiser you work with, pricing, layout, and frequency. All advertising is managed outside of the platform.

Great for: Businesses and associations that want to completely control newsletter monetization and see non-dues revenue through newsletter advertising as a secondary benefit of their newsletter campaign.

The Content Process


FeedOtter harnesses the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to automatically pull content from a user’s website or other pieces of online real estate and transform that content into a recurring email newsletter that will engage and inform target audiences.

Great for: Senders who create a lot of in-house content they want to share with subscribers when published automatically.

Senders using select which article sources publish articles that will be relevant to their newsletter and industry. Content is drawn from in-house sources as well as outside sources. Based on the source information provided, automatically collects newsletter articles for your review before being sent. Senders can use filters to include or exclude articles automatically, or they can do so manually, ensuring that the newsletter is always on message, personalized for individual subscribers. The boost feature allows you to override personalization rules and choose which articles appear in every newsletter.

Great for: Senders that want to streamline their newsletter creation process but remain in control of their newsletter campaigns and provide industry-related content from various outside sources.  

FeedOtter vs. The Takeaway

FeedOtter and are email marketing platforms built for businesses and associations to provide engaging email newsletters to their members.


Those who choose FeedOtter as their newsletter marketing campaign software typically use third-party solutions for their email marketing and advertising efforts. FeedOtter is a great solution for senders that use Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua, Marketo, or Pardot for their existing marketing efforts and use OpenX, PowerInbox, BroadstreetAds, and LiveIntent to generate ad revenue. FeedOtter’s RSS capabilities make it a great choice for those who produce all their newsletter content in-house.

Senders that partner with to create and deliver their email newsletters do so because of its AI features which offer next-level personalization to their subscribers. Newsletters produced by are personalized on a granular level thanks to an AI data-driven algorithm, ensuring that subscribers always receive engaging content that is personally relevant to them. This core characteristic sets apart from FeedOtter and its other competitors. With the personalization that provides, your organization will retain its existing membership while your subscriber list grows with each newsletter you send.

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