This Is Why You Should Stop Doing Newsletters Manually


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Most people have played darts, but have you ever played darts with a blindfold on? The odds are good that you’re not going to hit a bullseye when you can’t see your target. Sure, you might have a general sense of the right direction, and you might even get lucky once in a while. But you’re definitely not going to hit your mark most of the time.

The sad truth is, sending marketing newsletters is often the same as playing darts blindfolded, so most marketers aren’t reaching their target audience. The reason is that data is wanting. This essential component of marketing is usually not all that valuable when you extract it from your newsletter metrics. You might see that more people clicked on one link over another, but what about the people who didn’t click? What do they want more of from your newsletter?

Also, creating a newsletter takes a ton of time. Depending on the format of your newsletter, you need to curate resources and draft original content, as well as design and customize the email template. You may also need to hold planning and strategy meetings, review metrics, and much more. You might need to complete each of these tasks once a week.

Why spend so much time on a newsletter without knowing what your subscribers really want? 

Here’s the thing: Consumers are crazy about personalization. An astounding 91 percent of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide relevant offers and recommendations. So why not make your newsletter, a valuable marketing touchpoint, as personalized as possible? It’s time to stop guessing at what your audience wants.

Why would you, when you can utilize highly-sophisticated technology to personalize your marketing? That technology is AI, and it can save you time while removing the blindfold you’ve been wearing. Now you can see your target, which gives you the best chance to hit it nearly every time.

How Artificial Intelligence Makes Personalization Scalable

Personalized marketing campaigns are generally highly-successful, but without technology like AI, they require a great deal of heavy lifting. The process just isn’t scalable for most teams if they’re marketing to more than a few people. However, artificial intelligence was made for this kind of work. AI encompasses a range of technologies, including machine learning, that have the ability to make predictions at scale.

Here’s what AI can do in a fraction of the time and cost of human workers:

  • Parse huge amounts of data.
  • Identify trends.
  • Make recommendations and take action.
  • Learn as it goes.

For marketers, that means identifying trends on a one-to-one basis has become a lot easier and faster, too. With newsletters, the right AI tool can effectively personalize the content for every individual subscriber in your database.

For marketers, that means:

  • Less time spent on uninspiring tasks, like dragging and dropping newsletter content into a template.
  • Higher open rates.
  • Increased click rates.
  • A more engaged audience.
  • More revenue.

An AI Tool for Personalized Newsletters Exists 

At, we too, were tired of spending hours on newsletters that didn’t perform the way they should. So, we built a tool that uses AI to create hyper-personalized email newsletters for every single unique subscriber based on their interests. AI tracks which content individual subscribers engage with, and then it uses that information to recommend newsletter content your audience want to read. It’s personalized on a one-to-one level, it’s effective, and it’s automatic.

Not only does it eliminate the hassle of building newsletters manually, with you can automate email sends on a recurring basis. Also, you get smart metrics and strategic insights and can integrate it with your existing marketing platforms.

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