The 3 Best Ways to Use Interactive Content in Email Campaigns


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How many emails do you receive a day?

We bet a lot, considering that experts report that we receive 121 emails daily on average. Naturally, it’s hardly possible for a person to check out all those emails, many of which are promotional messages and newsletters, so there’s no doubt that a certain part of those messages goes straight into the Trash folder.

So, how can you save your email from such a fate?

There are numerous options available, but today we want to show how adding different interactive elements to the body of your email can change the level of engagement it delivers. We’ve also picked a few examples to inspire your next email marketing campaign.

Let’s dive in!

1. Boost Engagement Through Polls

If you’ve noticed a decrease in engagement among your email subscribers or the unsubscribe rate from your newsletters and emails has surpassed 0.1%, it’s time to rethink your approach to email content. One of the ways to spice it up and attract the attention of your subscribers is to create an interactive poll.

Which topics can an email poll cover?

You can start by going with something simple, such as including an option to vote for something in your newsletter. For example, in the email below, Cracker Barrel announced its winter drinks in its email and invited subscribers to choose their favorite one:

If you send emails on behalf of a B2B business, you can ask subscribers to vote for their favorite feature of your product. Here are some other examples of polls and surveys you can include:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Customer feedback survey
  • Favorite product poll
  • Sentiment survey
  • Product improvement survey

This way, you can boost email click rates and increase engagement. It’s also a great option to reactivate dormant subscribers and customers who haven’t bought anything from you in a while.

2. Personalize Product Choices through Surveys

Today, you can hardly imagine a successful marketing activity that doesn’t include at least some form of personalization. The same goes for email marketing – emails with personalized subject lines alone can generate 50% more open rates.

What does interactive content have to do with email personalization?

First and foremost, the recipient interacts with the content in your email the way they prefer. It is all about the variety of choices, which is also a part of how email personalization works.

You can start by personalizing your emails through surveys. Let’s say you have dormant subscribers with abandoned carts. An excellent idea to re-engage them would be to send an email survey to help them pick the right product. Here’s how Harry’s, a company that sells shaving essentials, implemented this approach in their email campaign.

Essentially, this survey asks a set of questions that strive to understand the subscriber’s personality. This way, you both personalize your email and increase the engagement rate it delivers.

3. Diversify Product Options

If you want to use email marketing to increase conversions, but your product or service has too many features, and you don’t know how to implement all of them in your email, try using an interactive board. This way, you’ll have all your products visible to your subscriber, and they can choose something that resonates with their needs.

Here’s a good email from a language learning service offering German classes and other foreign language lessons.

Since there’s a wide variety of services to choose from, the email introduced them on an interactive board.

Each service on the board leads to a separate landing page where you can find out more about learning each language and create an account.

You can take the same approach if you have a new addition to your product line or a set of new features in the services you provide.

An excellent example is this email from Google introducing Pixel Buds.

If you take a closer look at the body of this email, you can see that there’s an option to pick the color of Pixel Buds. This simple interactive element also creates a seamless shopping experience. All that’s left is to hit the Proceed to Checkout button and purchase the headphones.

Such an approach to introducing products in an email can improve open rates, as it offers something different then traditional messages that simply impose a set of products on a customer. Besides, the element of interactivity also adds to personalization because it enables the subscriber to make their own product choice.

Over to You

Using interactive content in email marketing can add to engagement and help convert more customers. And even though most of the examples we used today belong to B2C companies, you can adjust these approaches for B2B to target your audience.

Nevertheless, like with any strategy, using interactive content should be aligned with the needs of your target audience and your current marketing goals. But be confident that whether you’d like to reactivate dormant subscribers, increase click-through rates, or decrease unsubscribe rates, you can always use interactive content to reach each of these objectives.

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