Wellness, Therapy, and Healthy Living Newsletters sent by rasa.io Customers

Here’s our latest roundup of customer newsletters!

With the rise of the self-care movement, our well-being, mental, and physical health, have never been more important.

This week, we gathered just a few of the newsletters our customers are sending in these healthy industries to show you what their newsletters look like.

They share content that covers natural medicinenutrition, therapy, fitness, and all-around healthy living.

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Newsletter: Mindful Healing

Sender: Mindful Healing

Frequency: Weekly

“Providing counseling and parent coaching for teens and their families. Individual therapy and group psychotherapy for teens and young adults with anxiety, depression, self-harm, trauma, and low self-esteem. “

About Mindful Healing

Their newsletter primarily consists of the expert content that they write themselves. They cover a wide variety of topics aimed at parents to help with their teens’ mental health. They advise on things like group therapy, coping mechanisms, perfectionism, confidence, anxiety, depression, body image, and more.

Wellness newsletters - rasa - mindful healing

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Newsletter: MalibuEco by Mariana Danilovic

Sender: MalibuEco

Frequency: Weekly

“We help companies and fitness enthusiasts stay well through outdoor fitness, online classes and private training sessions. Malibu Eco is your Fitness and Wellness Guide.”

About MalibuEco

The MalibuEco is chock full of articles about fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, supplements, and everything regarding health! If you’re interested in learning more sign up for the newsletter here.

Wellness newsletters - rasa - malibueco

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Newsletter: SELF Principle

Sender: SELF Principle

Frequency: Weekly

“Welcome to selfprinciple! For us, it is not just about a diet or any rapid weight loss and longevity secrets. Instead, we see health comes from care, and we bring the latest evidence-based research with free videos about health, nutrition, and wellness in one same place. We believe in 4 time-tested principles for a happy, healthy life that lies in 4 simple concepts of sleep, exercise, love, and food.”

About SELF Principle

SELF Principle is a 501c(3) nonprofit providing evidence-based health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness information for the public. If you would like to join the SELF Principle family signup for the newsletter here.

Wellness newsletters - rasa - self principle

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Newsletter: AlleyDog

Sender: AlleyDog.com

Frequency: 4 Days Per Week

“Our Mission is to help kids develop robust mental and behavioral health by empowering parents with the knowledge to understand and resources to support their child’s journey. ”

About AlleyDog.com

AlleyDog.com was created to help students enjoy learning about Psychology and help make the learning process itself a bit more enjoyable.

They evolved from just a few ideals (and a lot of hard work): A strong desire to teach Psychology and to share a love of Psychology with college students. A belief that, if presented in a fun and interactive manner, students will want to learn about psychology and can have fun in the process.

Wellness newsletters - rasa - alley dog

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Newsletter: Nika

Sender: Vertroos

Frequency: Weekly

“We’re passionate about helping kids become the most healthy versions of themselves, mentally and behaviorally, and providing families with the resources to help kids thrive. We’re creating technology to identify any issues as early as possible, and providing support to families as needed.”

About Nika

The Nika newsletter, sent by Vertroos, provides a well-rounded collection of educational materials for families that want to help their kids be the healthiest version of themselves. 

Wellness newsletters - rasa - Nika

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