3 Ways AI Can Improve Your Content Strategy


Automation: Optimize the Creative Process

The tedious tasks that are a part of your everyday work life can often hinder your creativity. However, artificial intelligence, or AI, can automate these processes and free up time for you to focus on producing creative, meaningful content. With the Smart Newsletter, you can automate time-consuming activities like hand-curating your internal and external content, email distribution list and article placement, as well as send time and frequency.

Being less bogged down with the nuts and bolts of your distribution process allows you to work in a more creative headspace, which will improve the quality of your work. With this increased capacity you are also able to focus on driving innovation within your organization and gaining an edge on your competition.


Audience Insights: Know Your Readers

AI can collect and quickly analyze mass amounts of data gathered by the behaviors of each individual reader. This data can reveal important insights into what matters the most to your audience. Knowing what subjects are of the highest interest to your readers will help you better decide the nature of your future content.

The rasa.io platform breaks down these analytics in several different ways, such as topics, sources, and articles. You can use these insights to generate highly-relevant content as well as ideas for other forms of marketing. A more informed strategy for your writing will also lead to increased readership and trust in your brand.


Personalization: Increase Engagement

Once you’ve optimized your creative process and used your data to create quality content, you need to distribute that content appropriately. AI has the ability to personalize emails on a massive scale. It can automatically match each individual’s interests with the most relevant articles and subject lines. This personalization will result in increased engagement, which leads to more valuable insights and opportunities for new revenue streams.

Using AI to free up your creative process is like hiring a whole new team. It takes over the tedious work, leaving you free to create, strategize and build your brand with ease. The adage, “Knowledge is Power,” may be old, but it applies to the modern concept of AI as a valuable tool for making and distributing engaging content. 

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