6 Artificial Intelligence Tools That Will Do The Work For You

Feb 27, 2018


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Artificial intelligence is here to help. Far from being an abstract, futuristic, and intimidating concept, artificial intelligence tools exist to make your professional life easier in tangible ways, most often by saving you time on manual work. So, keep reading to find out about a roundup of tools that are at your disposal to make life better for the entire ecosystem of your business.

1. Twyla AI

What is it?

Twyla AI is a customer support chatbot. Using “Hybrid Brain” and “Customer Intelligence” technologies, Twyla quickly provides the proper information in the correct tone. The chatbot is trained to work with third-party data, widening its problem-solving potential.

How can it help you?

Busy people hate to hang around on hold with a call center. Twyla covers your organization’s back by providing snappy answers to the most common and easy-to-solve problems that your members have. That means the time your staff spends responding to most queries reduces drastically, leaving them to work on the bigger picture. Visit Twyla.ai to find out more.

2. Grip Event Networking App

What is it?

The Grip Event Networking App is like an online dating platform, but for professional matchmaking. For anyone unfamiliar with the format of contemporary online dating apps, the Grip version goes like this:

  • You create an anonymous profile listing your interests.
  • Swipe through other profiles of those in proximity to you.
  • It’s only if you find a match that will you get the opportunity to message each other and form a connection.
  • There’s no rejection, just mutual interest.

How can it help you?

Grip is designed for building community at events. It allows you to scope out who’s around you so that you can meet up in person at the event after interacting via the app. The user experience is quick and easy. Event attendees can log in via their existing social media profiles. This is the perfect way for your subscribers to maximize their networking efficiency and opportunities for in-person meetings. Click here to explore Grip’s Event Networking app.

3. rasa.io

What is it?

At rasa.io, they design content curation for any company’s email newsletter needs. It brings your emails to the next level by using artificial intelligence technology that learns about an individual’s interests and customizes their content experience. It allows you to individualize each newsletter with relevant news based on what is most interesting to that specific person.

How can it help you?

The rasa.io technology can help you personalize emails to contacts so they only receive content geared toward them. Readers will thank you for subtly pointing them in the direction of the information they need. However, they won’t know how AI is involved in saving you the time and stress of filtering through today’s endless stream of content. You can say goodbye to those “Mark as Spams” on your weekly newsletter.

4. Clara

What is it?

Clara is the most affordable personal assistant you’ll ever hire. The virtual assistant, Clara, may not be able to pick up your dry cleaning, but she can schedule appointments for you. By CC-ing the PA into your email arrangements, she picks up the information she needs and interacts with external parties personably and helpfully until you’ve scheduled a meeting time and place that suits everyone.

How can it help you?

Clara can save you the pain of all those slow email exchanges, just to schedule a 20-minute call, only to have someone cancel or reschedule at the last minute. You can use the time you save to fit in more preparation, and even more meetings. Find out more.

5. Watson Natural Language Understanding

What is it?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) uses machine reading comprehension to analyze text. Input an article, a transcription, or a series of social media posts into the tool, and it will identify keywords, emotions, overall sentiment, and categories.

How can it help you?

Think of Watson Natural Language Understanding as market research. Are people talking about your business on social media? Do you need to gain insights from responses to a survey? Would you like to gauge public opinion on an area of your work? Instead of having someone read through everything, NLU provides instant analysis. If you have enough data to create a clear picture, Watson can save you time on performing traditional, manual market research work like cold-calling your customers. Find out more.

 6. Lumen5

What is it?

Lumen5 combines a drag and drop interface with artificial intelligence to make creating professional videos simple. This smart tool uses AI to convert text into a video that people can edit and add images, music and logos. Just enter a blog post or article link and lumen5 will curate the content and create a video. You can also copy and paste the text, or even set up an RSS feed to automatically generate video templates daily.

How can it help you?

This video creation platform enables you to quickly and easily create engaging video content for advertising, social media, blogs and websites. This is an AI tool that anyone can use without any experience or training. Lumen5 also offers many other features including a media library with millions of stock photos, footage and music so you don’t have to source and buy them externally.

Of course, these are just a few of the artificial intelligence tools that are out there. Did we miss any? Is there something else that you are using currently and can’t live without? Let us know below – we’re always looking for new tools.

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