7 Simple (But Important) Tips to Increase Your Email Newsletter Click Through Rates

Even in today’s age of social media, email newsletters are one of the most effective ways of reaching your audience. Once you’ve got a lead on your email list, you want to ensure that they’re actually opening the emails once they get them.

After all, you want to ensure that you’re making the most of the email list you have. Your newsletters need to have real value, that will make your customers open and engage with the content in them.

With this in mind, you’ll want to improve your email newsletters so they get higher engagement and potentially sales. How do you ensure that they do that? Here are 7 tips to help you improve those click through rates.

1. Send Useful Content

This is such an obvious tip, but it always bears repeating. No one is going to open an email if they think it isn’t relevant to them. If you want them to click through, you’ll want to send content that is useful and engaging to them.

When putting together email content, consider what your audience is going to find useful. For example, if you’re sending emails out to a construction audience, then you’ll want content geared toward them. An email about construction software is going to do better than one about accounting, for example. 

As a business, you should already have data about who your audience is and what they’re looking for from you. Make sure you’re putting that to good use and creating email content that they’re going to want to open and read.

2. Make Use Of Personalization

Have you ever had an email sent to you with a header like ‘Dear Customer?’ It’s very likely you didn’t pay attention to what it said, as the opening was so bland and not referring to you at all. If you’re looking to get people to click through your emails, then you’ll want to take advantage of personalization.

 One of the best ways of doing this is by using their name at the opening of your email. ‘Hi Paul’ has a much better ring to it than ‘Dear client’, doesn’t it? Many companies have experimented with this, and have found that using the email subscriber’s name two or three times in the email helps with engagement and click through rates. 

It’s fairly simple to set this up, too. “Most email management software will have options for personalization,” says Annette Johnson, an email writer at Assignment Help and UKWritings. “They allow you to plug the names in where needed, and make it easy to personalize the message.”

3. Pick The Right Time To Send Your Email

There’s a right time for every communication, and the same goes for emails. If you send an email when your audience isn’t ready for it, they’re not likely to open it. Instead, they’ll ignore it or delete it without even seeing what you had to say. 

You can avoid this by finding the right time to send your email. When is your audience most likely to be checking their emails, and have time to read what you have to say? You’ll have to do some research, as every audience is different. Once you do, you should see a large improvement in click through rates.

4. Segment Your Email List 

A mistake many businesses make is not segmenting their email list. Even though they’re all on your list and so potentially interested in your product, they may not be interested in every email you send out. As such, you can segment your list so you’re sending the right emails to the right people.

For example, if you sell construction software, you can segment your list so some emails go to buyers, and others go to office admins for the company. They’ll have different needs, so you can meet those needs with more specific emails. Services like rasa.io will help you do this easily, so you can create different email newsletters for different sections of your client base 

5. Use Social Proof 

Social proof is a powerful tool, allowing you to show customers that your product really does have value. “People are more likely to click through and buy from you if they can see that others have profited from it” says Adrian Bower, a B2B blogger with Revieweal and Essay Services. “Using social proof helps a lot with this.”

Customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to do this. They’ll build trust, and show that you’re genuine.

6. Only Cover One Topic Per Email 

Finally, if you want to improve your click through rates, you’ll want to stick to just one topic per email. It’s tempting to put multiple topics in, as you think that’s just one email and people are more likely to open it. However, when you have multiple topics, you’ll see that customers get distracted and don’t click on anything at all.

Stick to that one topic per email, and they’re more likely to pay attention and click through. Remember, your audience is busy, so you don’t want to distract them. 

These are some good tips for ensuring you get your audience clicking through on your emails. You work hard on those emails, so you want to ensure that they’re actually reading and engaging with them. Put these ideas to work and you’ll see what a difference they make.

Jenny Han is a writer for Essayroo and Lia Help. She covers B2B marketing. She’s also a blogger for Big Assignments.

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