8 B2B Email Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022 (Plus Tips)

Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient and easy-to-implement ways to generate leads for a business. However, it requires you to apply some special tips and the latest trends to succeed. People get too many emails daily, their inbox is full of spam, and most messages have never been opened. So your task is to come up with creative, unique solutions which can grab your user’s attention.

Following the latest email marketing trends and utilizing modern tools will help you optimize your business workflows and craft engaging emails aimed at increasing a response rate and conversions. By studying your site’s analytics and analyzing the behavior of your subscribers, you can define the most actionable email marketing techniques for your business.

Let’s overview the most prominent and universal trends that work perfectly for B2B companies in 2022. Apply them to give your brand a competitive advantage! 

Game-changing email marketing trends in the B2B sector

1 – Personalization

The users you want to reach probably get dozens of emails on a daily basis. To make your email visible and eye-grabbing, try to add a note of personalization to the text or design. This is one of the most significant business email best practices.

Start with the subject line personalization to increase an open rate. Using a recipient’s name in the subject line is the easiest trick to make your email sound more personal. 

More advanced email personalization techniques include:

  • creating targeted messages based on the person’s interests or demographics (age, gender, etc.);
  • using the company’s name;
  • linking to the company’s site;
  • changing offer based on the recipient’s company’s needs;
  • sharing some details on the recipient’s company (analytics, results, etc.);
  • asking the relevant questions according to the recipient’s stage in a sales funnel;
  • changing images according to the user’s demographics or business needs;
  • adjusting a call-to-action.

Example of a highly-personalized email where a sender uses the recipient’s name, his company’s link, and talks about the website’s content

2 – The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

The key advantage of using AI-based email marketing services is access to wide hyper-personalization and automation features. Artificial Intelligence can help you greatly optimize and automate your email campaigns by eliminating manual work and making the emails more personalized. Its features are also aimed at attributing, predicting, and improving business outcomes through emails.

Generally, AI email marketing tools allow you to: 

  • personalize subject lines and email content based on the individual subscriber behavior;
  • analyze users’ data and engagement rate based on previous conversations;
  • generate the relevant content to every recipient;
  • generate auto-replies and trigger emails based on the user’s response;
  • obtain deep analytics and process large data to create better messages; 
  • create highly-personalized newsletters.

Here’s how an AI email tool, Lyne, suggests you personalize subject lines based on the recipient’s personal data and their business profiles

3 – Adding interactive elements

Statistics say that interactive emails increase the click-to-open rate by 73%. Adding a piece of interactivity to your emails changes the way subscribers engage with them. This artful B2B email marketing trend makes people more readily interact, engage, and reply to your emails.

You can apply interactivity to your emails in numerous ways, including adding polls, surveys, gamification elements, and animations — in other words, everything that provides dynamic content or elements that a subscriber can click on to engage with the content.

Such a creative interactive CTA will help you motivate users to take a target action in the email

4 – Sending newsletters

Newsletters are a core component of email marketing that businesses use to nurture leads and retain clients. In newsletters, you share your business’s latest news, including a company or product updates to case studies and giveaways. You should send newsletters regularly, once a week, a month, or a quarter.

Creative emails with trendy design and fresh content help your business stand out and be unique in the subscribers’ eyes.

So how do you create an engaging, unique newsletter that brings value? There’s no magic here. Use newsletter builder from rasa.io, choose a well-designed template (or create one from scratch) and share the content that your audience will be interested in.

By using advanced AI algorithms, it’s possible to track the email’s engagement rate and make it even more high-converting.

Creating engaging newsletters with rasa.io is simple and highly beneficial for any business or organization that sends email

5 – Choosing a minimalistic style

While most email templates are vivid and contain colors and images, a plain text email only contains words. The benefit of a minimalistic style is that it allows you to create clean & clear, straightforward, and simple to perceive emails.

Emails with beautiful images and sophisticated blocks are catchy, but they frequently look like advertisements. In contrast, plain text emails look more familiar to users and are usually perceived as a friendly note.

It’s pretty complex to engage people with vibrant emails containing lots of visuals on a regular basis, so better choose a minimalistic style, sharing the most important and relevant content in a simple text format.

The leading digital marketing expert, Brian Dean, communicates with his audience through plain text emails only

6 – Mobile optimization

It’s hard to predict when and where your subscribers will open your email. That is why it’s important to ensure they have the same brilliant experience with your email whether they are on the move or sitting in front of their laptop.

When setting up an email campaign, test it on various devices and make sure the email is optimized for mobile phones. When a subscriber scrolls down through the email, it should be easy to read the information, the design should be consistent, and there should be no gaps or glitches.

 7 – User-generated content

With 72% of clients relying on online reviews to build trust in a brand, sharing such user-generated content as testimonials will be of great interest to your subscribers.

Embedding ready reviews written by your clients into the emails allows you to improve relations with a recipient and convert them into leads without putting too much effort into the email campaign preparation. These could be videos, social media posts, pages on the review sites, comments, etc.

Social proof will help you greatly reinforce your emails and influence user’s decision to interact with your brand

8 – Storytelling

Sending emails that share a real story is much more effective than directly promoting your brand with a call to action in the end. Why? Your subscribers are mostly businesses headed by a decision-maker, so do not forget – you are speaking to a human. Empathy is the key here.

Reading a story can evoke different emotions and reactions and make people feel belonging to your company. Sending emails is more than prompting people to submit a form; it’s your chance to tell a story, add value and demonstrate to the audience that you understand what they care about.


As we can see, email marketing trends are all about personalization, simplicity, interaction, and the use of AI tools that allow you to track and analyze the behavior of your audience in order to optimize your email campaigns.

rasa.io is the most universal email marketing trend at all times as it helps you create engaging newsletters as well as define the most suitable schedule, frequency, and timing to send.

Make the most out of your email marketing strategy with us!

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