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Quality content curation is the essence of successful email newsletter campaigns for businesses and organizations.

Your subscribers indeed want regular information about you, or else they wouldn’t have subscribed to your newsletter. However, they also desire relevant, industry-related content that appeals to them and their interests—striking a balance between both requires carefully curating your newsletter content.

With content curation, you gather information relevant to your organization’s area of interest and share that information in an organized way. Although we at know a thing or two about content curation and the use of AI (artificial intelligence) technologies to maximize curation efforts, CaboodleAI is also doing a pretty good job, too!

So, why in the world are we talking about our competition?

Well, that’s simple. The success of your organization is our main priority, and we want to give you all the facts about and the Caboodle app so you can make an informed decision on which AI-driven newsletter marketing tool is the right one for you.

This article outlines the differences (as well as the similarities) between Caboodle software and the platform to help you make the most informed decision.

Short Summary


CaboodleAI uses artificial intelligence to gather content from top news sources within your industry. It distributes that content through your website’s news feed, social media channels, RSS feed reader, and email newsletters. CaboodleAI’s content curation tool helps companies worldwide increase revenue, leads, engagement, personalization, connections, and overall efficiency.

Great for: Companies and organizations that want to engage and monetize their website news feed, content-driven business directory, and email newsletters.

The main focus of the platform is to provide users with smarter email newsletters that will engage, retain, and boost subscribers. The key to a quality email newsletter campaign is curated content. When your organization uses’s newsletter AI software, you’ll be able to find that necessary balance of custom and curated content, along with subtle advertising (if you choose to utilize it) or promotions, to keep your audience engaged on a hyper-personal level. Your subscribers will not only look forward to your newsletters, but they’ll be more likely to share them with others.

Great for: Associations and businesses that want to keep their audience engaged and loyal by providing them with content tailored to their individual interests and personal needs.

Curating Content for your Newsletter Emails


CaboodleAI is like a big funnel, where news sources from across the world are fed into the top, and the AI software sifts through the stories, selecting the most relevant ones for your newsletter. You choose your industry’s top news sources, and CaboodleAI does the rest, ensuring that your subscribers get the news stories they want without searching for them.

Great for: Organizations that spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for relevant content they can share with subscribers in an email newsletter.

In addition to adding your favorite news sources and your association’s original content, allows you to create a content pool that pulls from various other sources like blogs, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media accounts. Once you take the initial step of setting up your favorite content sources, the AI automation platform takes over. Our AI technology sifts through your organization’s content pool, tracks who clicks on what, and customizes newsletters for the individual subscriber. Each time your newsletter sends, generates a unique email newsletter for each subscriber.

Great for: Senders that want every one of their subscribers to receive an email newsletter unique to them and their interests.

Generating Revenue Through Email Newsletter Campaigns


Increasing your digital revenue is easy with CaboodleAI. You can sell banners, MPUs, and sponsored articles in your newsletter. Your website newsfeed can generate digital revenue with leaderboards and MPUs. You can also offer premium listings and MPUs through your Caboodle-created business directory, giving clients a chance to increase their brand exposure.

Great for: Companies whose priority is generating ad revenue.

Before an organization can successfully monetize its email newsletter, it needs to have a good system to deliver quality content to its audience. The newsletter AI tool that provides does just that and lays the groundwork for your business or association to create a secondary revenue stream through its newsletter marketing campaign.

Finding the right balance between content and ads is crucial to a successful advertising campaign. helps you subtly monetize your newsletter without overwhelming your subscribers with ad after ad after ad. easily allows you to control how much or how little ad space you set aside for advertisers. Our platform also gives you full control over the nature of those ads – text-based, images/banners, or HTML-based content. From selling newsletter subscriptions and non-dues revenue streams like event tickets to selling ad space, helps your monetization efforts run smoothly.

Great for: Businesses and organizations that seek ad revenue as a secondary source of income, either through newsletter ads or paid subscriptions.

CaboodleAI vs. What you need to know

CaboodleAI and are digital marketing platforms that utilize AI technology to curate content to engage and inform audiences. While CaboodleAI offers several different products to its users, remains focused on providing its clients with a platform created specifically to create advanced email newsletter campaigns.


Organizations that use CaboodleAI note the ease at which its AI software boosts industry-related content in their email newsletters, their website’s news page, and their business directories. Its rich advertising sales options across all three products make it a popular choice for organizations whose top priority is advertising sales revenue generation.

Anyone that has experienced the platform’s ability to create hyper-personalized newsletters to individual subscribers at the granular level points to its AI technology and content curation features as major selling points. The ability to choose from a vast array of relevant content sources and sit back while the AI algorithm takes care of the rest truly sets its AI newsletter software apart from its competitors.

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