5 Easy Tips For Creating The Perfect Landing Page for Your Real Estate Business


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Are you a realtor struggling to generate leads and earn a decent income? Or maybe you are not getting enough traffic to your website to convert visitors into potential leads or even clients. 

If you are nodding yes to either of the questions mentioned above, you’re in the right place. This post will give you valuable insight into how creating a perfect landing page as a realtor can help you capture more leads and make more sales.

    What is a Landing Page

     A landing page is a web page designed for one purpose only – to capture the visitors information and convert the them into a lead.

    This page is different from any other pages on your realtor business website. Moreover, it follows one most critical criteria which is: It must have a form so that your website visitor can easily leave their contact information.

    Bonus: Offer something of value in exchange for their contact information like an eBook or a free consultation with you. This small exchange makes it a better trade for the consumer

    You can use several digital marketing techniques to increase traffic to your landing page such as apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques or utilize Pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements on search engines and social media. You only have to pay search engines such as Google or social networks such as Facebook and Instagram when a user clicks on your ad on these platforms and lands on your website. 

    So, without further ado, let us dive right in and discover five steps that are a must when it comes to creating a landing page as a realtor. 

    Creating a Landing Page for Realtors

    Here are five steps to help you create a perfect landing page for your realtor business. 

    1 – Simple Search Tools and Lead Capture Forms

    With a landing page, simpler is better. It should be a clean design, easy to read and navigate. This applies to every aspect from copy, imagery, call-to-actions (CTAs) and the form. 

    Visitors looking to buy or sell their properties do not want to struggle to leave you their information. If there is any friction in the process of collecting their contact information, you will probably lose them altogether. Therefore, you must keep who you are and what you do very precise in order to entice target clients. 

    Once the visitor provides you with their contact information, they are giving you a consent to get in touch with them with regularly, be it with your email newsletter, new property alerts, new blog posts – whatever! 

    2 – Using Stunning Images

    Use high quality and colorful images as they will help grab the attention of your clients. Quality images invoke emotions amongst the buyers, often leading them into completing the contact forms. 

    Using professional photos of yourself can help your potential new customers to feel as though they know you and to get a good feel for your personality. Consider including photos of yourself with your pets or with your kids. You’re building an important relationship with them and relationships are built on trust!

    3 – Transparency of Content

    Real estate can be tricky terrain when it comes to marketing, because the sector relies on trust. Gaining the trust of your landing page visitor will turn them into a potential client. Home Buyers are known for having their guard up, they have a lot to lose! So you have to gain their trust by offering direct and transparent content. 

    This is your chance to show them you are worthy of their trust. Make sure to include detailed information about each properties’ square footage, your fee, any additional charges, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, precise location and parking spots, etc. Include it all!

    Try to answer all the questions your clients may have, and answer them in your content, before they even have to ask. Keep your content friendly, upbeat, simple and approachable. Don’t bother trying to come across as an expert by using big industry jargon. This may end up hurting your realtor image rather than doing any good. Instead provide important details in simple understandable terms and use professional and relevant pictures when you can. 

    4 – Pop-Ups

    Whether you decide to have your pop-up to appear on the screen as soon as the visitor hits your landing page or when they start to show intent to exit – keep the form and CTA clear and simple. There are endless apps and plugins for pop-ups to use, depending on your website builder platform. 

    Don’t be afraid if you think pop-ups sound like an annoying feature on your website, they work really well and are very common. They won’t deter your potential clients as long as they have the option to exit out without entering their information. But if you manage to make a CTA compelling enough, you are more than likely to obtain clients’ information

    5 – Instill Trust via Testimonials and Reviews

    Another easy and effective way to strike an emotional and trustworthy connection with your client is to allow them to see how happy your existing clients are. Gather all of your positive and exceptional testimonials, awards and reviews and showcase them on your landing page. 

    Recorded video testimonials from happy customers can be a powerful tool for your landing page. Nothing will convince a new client to work with you like seeing how happy someone else is with their experience.

    You can record these videos yourself as long as your phone camera is high quality. Or, you can ask your customers to record them themselves. As long as the cameras are high megapixels, the video should be fine. Alternatively, if you do not have a good camera, consider hiring someone to film a few of your customers. The power of video will pay off!

    Best Tools for Creating Landing Pages

    Here are some tools that might help you in creating a perfect landing page as a realtor. 

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