Now More Than Ever, it is Critical to Keep Communication Channels Open


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We’ve streamlined our process

If you haven’t heard already, we are giving free access to those who wish to send COVID-19-related email newsletter. We had such a great response to the initial offer last week that we have streamlined our process and are committed to getting everyone set up in less than 24 hrs.

This offer stands for as long as it’s necessary. No tricks or gimmicks. No limited functionality. No credit card required. We’re just trying to make it possible for you to easily keep communicating to the people that matter the most to you, whether that’s customers, employees or members.

Sources for your newsletter

We are preloading your newsletter with these seven reliable and high quality sources. They are all consistently providing updates on the Coronavirus.

  • NPR: Coronavirus
  • The Washington Post
  • New York Times
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Kaiser Health News
  • COVID-19 News – Individually selected articles from the team

You have the option to add more sources. You might want to consider connecting your Governor’s Twitter account, your local newspaper, or other more regional news sources that your readers would want to hear from.

Businesses that should be sending COVID-19 newsletters

Many businesses are finding themselves overwhelmed by the current crisis. Whether they are able to work remotely or must find new ways to create income, businesses are doing whatever they can to stay afloat. Remaining at the top of mind with your customers is important, but what’s more important, is being empathetic and communicating with them in an appropriate way.

We have heard from such a wide variety of organizations and businesses that want to send one of these newsletters. But just to help give a better idea, here are some examples of businesses or organizations that should send a COVID-19 newsletter:

Schools and Religious Organizations: Local newspapers or government outlets can be connected as sources and keep their community informed.

Accountants: Sources like QuickBooks or the Department of Labor in your state can be connected to share pertinent information to the businesses you service.

Associations: Keeping members updated on pertinent information will show them your organization provides value. 

Easy set up

Brand your newsletter: Update the font colors, header and footer background color, font styles, and text size for your email newsletter. We have three different templates to choose from, Default, Big and Bold, and Newspaper.

Upload your contacts: Easily import the contacts from your mailing list from a CSV file. If you’d prefer, you can integrate your current mailing platform to sync contacts on an ongoing basis.

Set your sending schedule: Choose whether to send your email daily, once a week, multiple times a week, every other week or monthly.

Get more from your email list.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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