Keeping Up With Trends in Real Estate: How it Can Boost Your Closing Rate


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In a way, the real estate market is a microcosm of the economy as a whole. The trends prevalent in the real estate industry can correlate very close to one to one with GDP, incomes, and just about every other economic indicator.

Within real estate, too, trends can flip on a dime in your locality. The key, of course, is to pinpoint these trends and use them to your advantage.

But how can you keep up with these trends? More importantly, how can your real estate business benefit from keeping up with them?

How to Keep up with Real Estate Trends

Let’s go over the ways that you can be informed about emerging trends in the real estate industry.

Attend Conferences, Summits, and Webinars

Let’s get the most obvious method out of the way. Sometimes the best way to learn about trends is to hear someone else talk about them. Let the expert panels at real estate focused webinars share their expertise and take advantage of their knowledge.

Keep an eye out for webinars, summits, or any other kind of event in which a panel of real estate experts share their knowledge.

Tune in to Real Estate Podcasts

Everyone has a podcast nowadays and, unsurprisingly, real estate experts do as well. There are hundreds of hours of content that you can listen to from real estate podcasts.

Try listening to some of these podcasts to see what valuable information they can contain. Check out this list of the top 25 podcasts real estate agents should be listening to.

Collect Data

Data is the key to understanding trends. All of your existing and potential customers are currently browsing the internet, leaving breadcrumbs of valuable information across the web.

Capitalize on this and collect some data wherever possible. Ask your customers if they would like to participate in surveys, collect website visitor data, and monitor the data left by your email newsletter audience.

Use this data to scan for patterns in the behavior of your clientele, and extrapolate these behavioral patterns to pick up on any trends influencing the greater real estate market.

Subscribe to Real Estate Magazines

Lastly, look to your colleagues to develop an understanding of real estate trends.
These are the ways that you can stay in the loop when it comes to emerging trends in the real estate industry.

Use these techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Incorporate Real Estate Trends into Your Marketing

After you’ve learned about all of the emerging trends in the real estate industry, it’s time to incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

As mentioned before, discussing the current trends in the real estate industry is an effective way to demonstrate your credibility to your audience.

The number one way to incorporate trends into your marketing is to appeal to the needs of your customers demonstrated by their behavior trends. Once you know what people are looking for, appeal to these desires in your business plan.

For example, one trend that emerged in 2021 is that demand for housing is high, but supply is low. One way to temporarily satisfy this demand is to give website visitors the option to sign up for alerts that notify them when a house is available for sale in their area.

This will keep them engaged with your business, as you’ve demonstrated that you’re aware of the house supply deficit and provided them with ways to circumvent it.

These alerts can come in the form of correspondence via email marketing. Once your web visitors consent to receive these alerts, they’ve joined your email list as a lead.

This is the most effective medium of marketing you have, email marketing. The trends enable you to attract email subscribers.

How to Keep Leads Engaged with Up-To-Date Real Estate Content

The best way to share your industry trend knowledge with your leads is through email marketing.

According to the email marketing experts at Mailchimp: “But while email send frequency decreased, people favored more frequent campaigns.”

Additionally, they assert that: “In March and April of 2020, subscribers overwhelmingly seem to prefer frequent campaigns, especially those sent a week apart.”

Email marketing is only growing in effectiveness and popularity since 2020. This trend applies to all industries, so utilize it as soon as possible for your real estate company in order to maximize gains.

Use email marketing to reach your customers directly and share your expertise with them.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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