What is Your Newsletter’s Love Language?

Here’s how you can incorporate Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages into your newsletter so you can really show your subscribers some love.

1. Acts of Service: Show your readers how much you care by providing information on upcoming conferences, webinars, and events using promotions within your newsletter.  

2. Quality Time: Make sure the time your subscribers (or employees) spend reading your newsletter is quality by providing relevant articles and a variety of content.

3. Receiving Gifts: Give the gift of personalization. Make each subscriber’s subject line unique to them. 

4. Words of Affirmation: Words mean a lot, so use them. Take advantage of the lead text box by making announcements regarding your organization and share them with your subscribers. 

5. Physical Touch: We don’t advise attempting this one. 

Start showing your subscribers some love by sending them a better and more personalized newsletter today.

Get more from your email list.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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