What is Your Newsletter’s Love Language?

Feb 14, 2020


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Here’s how you can incorporate Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages into your newsletter so you can really show your subscribers some love.

1. Acts of Service: Show your readers how much you care by providing information on upcoming conferences, webinars, and events using promotions within your newsletter.  

2. Quality Time: Make sure the time your subscribers (or employees) spend reading your newsletter is quality by providing relevant articles and a variety of content.

3. Receiving Gifts: Give the gift of personalization. Make each subscriber’s subject line unique to them. 

4. Words of Affirmation: Words mean a lot, so use them. Take advantage of the lead text box by making announcements regarding your organization and share them with your subscribers. 

5. Physical Touch: We don’t advise attempting this one. 

Start showing your subscribers some love by sending them a better and more personalized newsletter today.

Get more from your email list.

Start seeing better results by sending better emails.

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