As the world’s only truly personalized email newsletter, will keep customers coming back for more with the customized content that you send to them. When you send newsletters using the platform, you can share your unique content alongside our selection of carefully curated relevant content to increase customer engagement and website traffic.

Using our automation software, you will see actual results as you engage users with a new level of frequency that will save you time, effort, and money. You will start making connections with your subscribers in ways you never imagined by providing them with unique content tailored to their interests.

There are three pricing plans offered by, with additional contact tiers, that allow you to grow your marketing efforts over time. Regardless of which plan you choose, you will receive incredible support, expert capabilities, and a better newsletter that will keep your subscribers engaged and informed and help your business achieve its goals.

Remember offers a free 14-day trial so that you can test-drive our useful product before taking the plunge.

Here are the pricing plans that we offer:


Our Standard plan starts a $29 per month and is perfect for small businesses looking to get their feet wet. With the Standard plan, users can send newsletters to 2,500 contacts. Increased contact tiers are available for an additional fee. Included in the standard plan are features such as:

  • Domain Authentication: Domain authentication helps build trust with your subscribers by ensuring that your email is legitimately coming for you and your business
  • Removal of Branding: With the free trial, you will notice branding is present in your campaigns. We will remove all branding when you sign up for our Standard plan.
  • 25 Sources: With, you choose the sources and topics for your newsletter curation, and we handle the rest. With our Standard plan, you can use content from up to 25 trusted sources. Our free trial limits users to 10 sources.
  • Content Library: Our dynamic content library allows you to find new sources for articles in your newsletter more easily.
  • 3 Additional Users: Bring three members of your team on board to help you create and manage your newsletter content and campaigns.
  • Standard Integrations: supports a variety of native integrations, including MailChimp, Hubspot, Shopify, WordPress, Salesforce, and many other platforms you know and love.


Our Plus plan starts a $140 per month and is great for small to mid-sized businesses with a contact list of 10,000 or more. Additional contact tiers are available as well. All of the Standard plan features are available with this plan, plus the following:

  • 100 Sources: With 100 sources from, you will have no trouble finding sources and topics for your newsletter curation.
  • Unlimited Users: Regardless of the size of your team, will make it easy for you to collaborate with your teammates on delivering well-designed, relevant newsletter campaigns to your subscribers.
  • Custom HTML Templates: While you can always use one of the many great newsletter templates that has to offer, Plus plan users have the option of using their own custom HTML template for newsletter creation. Simply upload the HTML file to for use in your campaign.
  • Content Sectioning: The content sectioning feature is a great way to group content together in your newsletter. Once you create a section, you can choose how many articles are displayed and where the section appears within the template.
  • Scheduled Content: The scheduled content feature offers the ability to schedule articles for specific sends, as well as images and text within your template layout. This feature is beneficial if you have already chosen your monthly campaign graphics and don’t want to log in between each send and switch them out.
  • Multiple Newsletters: With the Plus plan, you can manage and send multiple newsletters from a single account.


The Pro plan starts a $499 per month and is great for large-scale operations with up to 25,000 contacts. Additional contact tiers are available for an additional fee. All of the Plus plan features are available with this plan, as well as the following features:

  • Custom HTML support: If you are a Pro user and use custom HTML designs in your email, offers support, should you hit a snag.
  • Custom Templates: We will work with you and our HTML template partner to design and code a custom email template that meets all of your needs.
  • Source Customizations: Have specific filtering customizations on a source by source level. With Pro, you have the ability to designate specific keyword filters for each source AND the number of filters an article is required to match in order for it to be considered for your newsletter. This level of customization helps you hone in on only the most relevant news from your sources.
  • Dashboard White Labeling: Make our product yours. Our white-labeling feature allows you to replace the branding on the dashboard with your own company logo. This feature is especially useful for agencies who want to re-sell or include the product as part of a package or managed service.
  • API Access: Our direct API integration gives you the ability to sync your subscriber contact data as well as engagement (opens, clicks, topics) data seamlessly back and forth to your CRM.

Association & Enterprise Options

If you manage a large organization or association, offers association and enterprise options to meet your unique needs. These options include additional security, advanced design, custom ad placement, live support, and other advanced integration options.

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