How Much Does Cost for Enterprise-Level Users? The 9 Factors That Influence Price

How much does cost for Enterprise level-users? Well, it depends. Our pricing varies for each client depending on your needs, wants, and obstacles. Based on what you’re looking for, we will develop a unique strategy that will help you exceed your communications goals.

Our Enterprise plan offers a wide variety of special features in addition to an unmatched level of support from our team. There are many factors that influence our Enterprise plan pricing so we’re breaking it all down for you here.

We will work with you to create a plan that best fits your organization’s needs so if you have questions about any of the features listed here, please reach out to your sales contact or book a meeting with us here.

What comes with any Enterprise plan?


1) On-boarding

We will work with you from start to finish on the creation of your newsletter and the adoption of our dashboard. On-boarding services can include:

  • Kick-off Zoom meeting.
  • Onboarding questionnaire for customers to provide any and all information/assets they want to be included in their newsletter.
  • will handle the upload and input of initial settings including sources, filters, design elements, subscribers, and more.
  • Extensive dashboard training session for customer/customer’s team.
  • Additional Zoom meetings as needed during the setup process.

2) Content Curation Services

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to improve the quality of your newsletter, you will get a dedicated CS team member who will provide a number of content curation services including:

  • Source and filter inputs (unlimited) – assistance with finding RSS feeds, adding, and editing your sources and filters.
  • Source recommendations – you know your audience best but if you need help sourcing content, we will research and provide recommendations based on your criteria.
  • Source filtering – each source is different and may require customized keyword filtering settings such as different #s of matches.
  • Source weighting – the ability to give certain sources higher preference in the AI selection process.
  • General content refinement – we can provide the iterative source and filter reviews and recommendations so that you can cut through the noise and have only the most relevant articles, making your review process quicker and easier.

3) Template Design

  • Assistance with the setup of any template to include your brand assets and promotions.
  • Custom HTML Template and Support – While you can always use one of the many great newsletter templates that has to offer, Enterprise users have the option of using their own custom HTML template for newsletter creation. We will provide you with all of the code attributes and handle the upload, review, and testing of your HTML file to ensure everything works as you’d expect. If you do not want to handle writing the code for your custom template and would like to work with both us and our HTML partners to design a template, we can include that in your pricing as well.

4) Integrations

If you’d like to automate your subscriber list management or sync engagement data seamlessly back into your system, we offer several integration options as well as developer support for our API.

  • Manual imports via CSV upload – can support by performing the first import of subscribers until the customer is trained and comfortable with the process.
  • Auto-sync via FTPS/SFTP/FTP – this includes a set of credentials with a unique file path for your uploads in addition to one hour of complimentary time with a developer for troubleshooting/support.
  • Access to our open API and ongoing support – this includes an API key, documentation, and the option to meet with one of our developers for any questions/troubleshooting
  • Ability to connect to an unlimited amount of our native integrations (i.e. HubSpot, Zapier, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and more).
    Additionally, some of our Enterprise clients choose to integrate their newsletter with their own ad server.

5) Customer Support

You will have direct access to a dedicated Customer Success team member. This includes ongoing email/phone/Zoom support throughout your plan. Your CS team member will have extensive knowledge of your account and continuously check in with you about your analytics, system updates, and anything else you may need. Our goal is to go above and beyond for you.

6) Audience Segmentation

With this feature, you are able to designate groups within your subscriber list and segment sources accordingly. For example, only subscribers in your marketing segment will receive articles from your marketing-specific sources.

Other factors that can influence pricing:

7) Multiple Newsletters

More newsletters = more setup time and involvement from our team.

8) Subscriber Amounts

Pricing will vary based on the size of your list. We have to take list size into account as we are not only generating personalized individual emails for each subscriber but also for all of the data that comes along with each subscriber’s engagement with the email.

9) Send Frequency

We also take into account how often your newsletter goes out – a daily newsletter will require more extensive support and system bandwidth than a weekly newsletter, for example.

Our users love to brag about the growth of their businesses.

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